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5 Budget-Friendly Living Room Furniture Decor Ideas

03 Sep 2021
5 Budget-Friendly Living Room Furniture Decor Ideas - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Your living room is the centre of your home, welcoming everyone with its warmth and making your hosting even more pleasing. The furniture that you place in your living room plays a significant role in influencing the look and feel of your decor. Thus, it needs to have excellency in its design dipped in the extensivity of charm.

Well, adding a touch of luxuriousness to your furnishing arrangement might sound like an affair worth a hefty cost, but to your surprise, it is not! All you need to do is roll up your sleeves to make some inexpensive arrangements with wooden furniture for living room, which will ultimately give you a mesmerizing interior without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, here are some inexpensive furniture decor ideas that you can pick any day to give your living room an entirely new visionary attire.

1. Pick an out-of-the-box coffee table

An evening seems more enticing while sipping a cup of hot coffee and cherishing it sitting in your living room. But where would you put the coffee mug while you delve into the rich taste of caffeine and make each sip last in your mouth for some moments? Undoubtedly, on a coffee table, which is an utmost necessity in your living room.

But you can turn this necessity into a style quotient by choosing an out-of-the-box coffee table to embellish the aristocracy of your living room. For instance, you can pick a coffee table like the Yoho Coffee Table by OrangeTree that comes with unique legs and renders a warm look to your living space.

2. Keep it crisp and classy with a statement sofa set

An edgy sofa design can smoothly bring about a cluster of fanciness in your living room decor if you choose the right one. A matte yet crispy tone of a sofa set can look gorgeous in every bit if you want to create a sync between your living room colour and furnishing.

For a light-coloured room, signature sofas can be the best kind of accentuation as they will give the whole set-up a new edge. Moreover, pairing up a wooden centre table with it will make the room have utter completeness. So, if you want to buy sofa online, the Throne Sofa Collection from OrangeTree will be the perfect sofa set to create this crispy look in the most accurate way.

3. Take note of side arrangements

Would you only care about adding a sofa to embellish your living room? Maybe not, since the living room is beyond just sitting. Instead, this place is more about living. To live your life in the living room to the fullest, you need to amplify your furnishing with TV cabinets, which will turn your ordinary room into a core space for entertainment.

You can add a sleek wooden TV cabinet that is spacious enough and act as an invigorating amenity to flaunt your smart LED TV. Besides, you can also use it for additional decoration purposes. For example, you can take a look at the Barcelona TV unit from OrangeTree, which looks unique with its minimal yet classy appearance. For an inexpensive and minimal yet eye-catchy living room set-up, such a TV unit will do wonders.

Barcelona TV Unit
Barcelona TV Unit

4. Go for a signature corner bench

Apart from the central attractions of your living room, there should be a signature corner that will ultimately escalate the overall grace of your drawing room. A signature bench with cosy cushions is not only an affordable choice but also offers some extra space in your living room to spend your leisure in a fun-worthy way.

So, to create such a signature corner, you can pick the Alan Bench with Magazine Holder from OrangeTree, which has an exclusive wooden elegance that looks simply perfect.

5. Deck up your room with some rich accentuation

Your budget can be on the lower margin, but your furniture must be rich in look. And you can simply make it by adding some classy furniture pieces in your living room that looks elegant and unique in every bit. Especially if you have the habit of reading in your living room, you can do such embellishments by picking a signature study table and bookshelf. A cosy matte solid wood study table like Metric Study Table from OrangeTree can create this look effortlessly.

Besides, to improve the luxurious feel of your living room and use the entire place for the sake of decoration, you can get an edgy bookshelf furniture piece like the Jade Bookshelf from OrangeTree that will add bonus beauty to the room.

Jade Bookshelf
Jade Bookshelf


Creating an expensive lustre in your drawing room is not at all a big deal when you pick the right living room furniture online that complements well with the other assortments of your home. All you need to do is go a bit creative and create the mood in your living room that defines the aesthetic state of your mind.

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