3 Best Tips to Choose the Right Bedside Lamps
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3 Best Tips to Choose the Right Bedside Lamps

by Orange Tree 27 Feb 2022
3 Best Tips to Choose the Right Bedside Lamps - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

When designing your home, you cannot get a grip on the overflow of ideas. From the wall colours to decor items, all you can think of is your home’s interior design. However, it is good lighting that ultimately sets the mood and tone of your interior space.

Returning to a cosy and restful home may be all that you’d yearn for after a busy day. And such an ambience can be a part of your home only when you put some thought into your lighting selection.

Although there are many lighting products in the market, nothing beats the charm and allure of bedside lamps that aren’t just striking to the sight but are also highly operative.

Tips for choosing the right bedside lamp

If you particularly have a habit of reading before taking a nap, you may not need any reminder why bedside lamps can come in extremely handy. Nonetheless, the right kind of light can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

But from the vast array of lamps available, selecting the right one is essential. So, here are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

Choose the Lamp That Sets Your Mood

While styling your room, you must always style it according to the mood you want the room to hold. And one of the primary factors that leads a room to have a particular ambience is lighting.

For instance, if you desire a minimalistic vibe, you can choose a lamp with a simple yet elegant design like the Eros White Conical Table Lamp by Orange Tree. So, it is advised to select suitable home decor lamps that flawlessly match the vibe you want your bedroom to possess.

Eros White Conical Table Lamp

Add Some Color to Your Room’s Lighting

Colours play a crucial role in determining how your interior space will appear. Hence, one way to beautify your bedroom furthermore is by playing with colours.

So, if you have a bright-coloured wall, buying bedside lamps online with a dark shade will make the space pop up and add a hint of uniqueness to your room. However, if you are running out of ideas on mixing and matching your bedroom's lighting with colours, the New Canna Black Table Lamp by Orange Tree is a choice you can never go wrong with.

New Canna Black Table Lamp

Consider the Size of Your Bedside Table

One of the essential factors you need to note while buying bedside lights is to consider the size of the table you will be placing it on. The height of your bedside table can affect the efficiency and functionality of the lamp.

If the height of the table is shorter than your bed, opting for a tall lamp like the Rhombus Table Lamp Black by Orange Tree can be helpful. On the contrary, buying a short or medium-sized lamp is recommended when the table height is taller.

Rhombus Table Lamp Black

How to determine if a bedside lamp is worth the purchase?

To make your purchase of a bedside light worthy, it is recommended to select one made from scratch-resistant and durable material. However, do not forget to read the reviews of the lamp before you decide to purchase it to ensure that the product will last longer and is functional.

For example, the Aphro Table Lamp by Orange Tree is a good quality product worth your attention and money.

Aphro Table Lamp

How is a bedside lamp different from table lamps?

Bedside lamps should be proportionate with the bedside table to balance the light with furniture pieces surrounding the room. In contrast, table lamps must be adequately tall so that the lampshade's bottom can be at the seated person’s eye level.

However, the classic Spindle Table Lamp by Orange Tree can work as a bedside lamp as well as a table lamp.

Pingle Table Lamp

Final Thoughts

Doing some deep research about the various ideas you can implement while choosing the right bedside lamps can give you access to a wide range of interior decoration possibilities.

So, whether you want to mix and match the minimalist look of your room with boldness or keep it simple and buy a table lamp of the same colour as your wall, the tips mentioned above will help you choose the right bedside lamp for your bedroom.

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