Design By Heart

Design is sensitivity!! It's being sensitive to form, to function, to materials, to techniques, to nature, to craft. Absorb and let your soul express itself , in a different context
each time. We culminate various materials, textures, techniques under one central theme and innovate keeping the style minimalistic and contemporary.

Our Philosophy

We believe in cultivating relationships between culture,
craftsmanship and industry, reconcile memory and
research, rigour and emotion, uniqueness and
experimentation, and interpret global trends with
constant effort dedicated to aesthetics- contemporary in
form but handcrafted in spirit

We also believe in sustainable design meaning creating
products from responsible sustainable materials that can
last a lifetime. Our products are generally made of
wood(sourced from responsibly managed forests) ,
metal, stone, natural fibers which highlight physical and
aesthetic durability.

How was Orange Tree Born

For over two decades Basant has been exporting Home decor products to some of the best brands in the world. A part of the vision Mr. Vinay Kumar had for Basant, was to framework a homegrown branch for domestic market. He wanted to get the global trend, design language and same quality to the Indian audience. With this thought Orangetree was born in 2014. We have always believed in striking a delicate balance between creativity and know-how, genius craftsmanship, and hard work.