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...Minoo brings opulence,elegance and glamour of the Art Deco into the 21st-century home. In Farsi,'Minoo' translates into 'Paradise' or 'Heaven'. The collection recaptures positivity and optimism as we leap into a fresh new start.


Part of the Minoo collection, the Dhola series encourages sustainable living vis-a-vis materials like paper-mache that is fully biodegradable and processes that are 100% hand-crafted.



Inspired by the bold and sweeping statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallics, this range brings up visions of a decadent era to mind, with a sleek and shiny Meena providing the most sumptuous of excess.



The Wave series features woven Cane chandeliers, wicker floor lamps and rattan pieces for an eco-friendly lighting solution.


The Orange Tree Promise

  • Crafted in

    Handmade in India for global market, patronising craft, providing livelihood with focus on sustainability and environment.

  • Sustainable

    It’s a response to the needs and problems our world is facing today. It has to go beyond aesthetics by using natural materials and fibers, built to last.

  • Contemporary
    Urbanised Design

    Contemporary and minimalistic in form but handcrafted in spirit, all products are designed in house with focus on uniqueness and experimentation.

  • Legacy of
    22 Years

    1998 Basant foundation was laid in Jodhpur- with a vision to build an eco system that was infused with values of hardwork, responsibility and loyalty.

What our Customers have to say

Décor Architecture
The classy look of this mirror perfectly fits my fairy tale imaginations. Loved the product! Décor Architecture
cupspaces, Pune
I feel so lucky to have found such an elegant piece of art for my room. Highly recommended! cupspaces, Pune
Anushka contractor, Mumbai
This lamp creates an immersive and aesthetic learning space. Highly recommended! Anushka contractor, Mumbai
Beans & Brews Café, Chandigarh
These beautiful lamps transformed our Café into an aesthetic food hub. Superb experience with OrangeTree! Beans & Brews Café, Chandigarh
THAT_DECORBEE  house, Haryana
This must-have piece from OrangeTree has spirited my living room with a retro touch. THAT_DECORBEE house, Haryana


Online Shopping for Home Decoration and Designer Lights Made Easy at OrangeTree

OrangeTree hosts a plethora of home decoration lights that can lead to the upheaval of your room's gorgeousness in just no time. You can shop for the trendiest and exclusive designs of lights and home décor from us. Our user-friendly website will let you tour along the site to select the best suit for your rooms.

We even facilitate multiple payment options for your convenience. It's simple and safe for making online transactions with us. We promise you fast and tamper-free delivery and also offer a reliable return and exchange policy when you buy lights online.

Best Home Decoration and Designer Lighting Online Store

Just when you switch on the lights, your place should look like a serene land of beauty; and that's exactly what OrangeTree is - one-stop online lighting store in India, will do for you. We bring you a myriad of elite products that will turn you ecstatic with its glow and exquisiteness.

OrangeTree products are inspired by contemporary architectures around the world and make patterns to present you with the best light and shadow games. Come, let's woo your guests with some exclusive range of room decors from OrangeTree.

The Palette of Lightings and Home Décor Products on OrangeTree

From bedrooms to dining halls, OrangeTree has ideas for every scenario. We know how to light up a gloomy room with chic designer lights. Here's a list of products that OrangeTree hosts for you.

Lightings to Uplift Your Mood

Floor Lamps Online: At OrangeTree, you can come across a vast multitude of floor lamps solely designed to confer warm light for the readers. Sit on your sofa, grab a book, and enjoy the tranquillity presented by our home décor floor lamps. Sturdy yet light-to-carry, the floor lamps won't let you complain when you shift it to the diverse corners of your room. Let the light fall on you while you relish the moments of doing what you love.

Hanging Lamps Online: With inimitable craft ideas, OrangeTree designs elegant hanging lamps that can act as showpieces as well. With contemporary being the trend now, OrangeTree brings to life the art inspired by various artists and photographers. Every time you light up our hanging lamps, you are bringing art to life.

Table Lamps Online: Innovation is the reason why OrangeTree has a plethora of designs and textures to offer in the form of table lamps. Now, when you sit by your table, you have a designer light that not only lets you perceive the world but also makes you feel surrounded by a technological splendour.

Study Table Lamps Online: Just because you need to do focussed tasks on a study table, online lighting stores like OrangeTree delicately design each study table lamp to confer proper light and present a stunning aura at your desk. Every time you'll look up from your toil, you will get a piece of art to admire.

Wall Lamps Online: OrangeTree ensures that if you forget decorating your walls with paintings, our artistic wall lamps will do that job for you. Our proficient craftsmen spend hours fashioning lamps that will augment the magnificence of your walls. Elect the perfect one and buy wall lamps online as per your wall colour from our assorted range of designer wall lamps.

Home Décors to Impress

Wall Décor Online: Framed paintings are amazingly pretty, but too mainstream nowadays. For people looking forward to adding uniqueness to their walls, OrangeTree brings you a gigantic palette of wall decors. There's too many to choose from based on the taste of every individual. Let your guests come in and drool over your wall décors.

Wall Mirror Online:

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Why are you so admired by all?"

OrangeTree hosts a plethora of mirrors that can notch up the classic essence in any room. Our mirrors are diversely shaped & sized and crafted to look chic on any background. Pair them with our hanging home decoration lights and some bonsai to accentuate the elegance.

Why Choose OrangeTree When Buying Home Decoration Lights Online?

Each time you buy lamps online from OrangeTree, you are contributing to Nature. We believe in loyalty to both our customers as well the mother Earth. OrangeTree has taken the oath to balance ecosystem & economy, and thus our home decoration lights are made of biodegradable, organic materials like wood, metal, stone, and natural fibres, each infused with the optimized artistry of our craftsmen.

OrangeTree family produces a plethora of designer lights and other home décor products by coalescing hard work, responsibility, and top-notch standards. Our home décor lamps are inspired by legends, and our skilful artists have taken us through a path of several awards.

With a vision of a sustainable world full of beauty and glow, OrangeTree strides along the path of goodwill & ecological harmony and promises to bring you more such exquisite and inimitable products that will make your home feel like a wonderland.