Wall Shelves

Wooden Shelf for Wall at Orange Tree

When we were designing the Orange Tree wall shelf, we wanted to make sure that it would be a piece of decor that would stand out from the crowd. We knew that if we were going to create something special, it had to be beautiful, not just in its form but also in its function.

Wall shelves from Orange Tree are a stylish and practical addition to your home. It's perfect for storing books, magazines, or even decorative items. The rustic and Modern look of these shelves is sure to complement any home decor.

Wall Shelf You Will find at Orange Tree

Whether you're looking for something custom-made or simply want to update your space with a floating wall shelf or wooden wall shelf, Orange Tree has it all.

At Orange tree, we offer shelves for all kinds of uses. We have bar-style wall shelves that can be used to store wine bottles and glasses, as well as small items like hats and scarves; we also have decorative wall shelves that add color and personality to any room in your home!

Things to Know Before Buying Wall Shelves

If you're in the market for a new wall shelf, there are a few things you should know before you start shopping.

What is your shelf for? What do you want it to do? Will it be used for decorative purposes or storage purposes? Is it going to hold small items or larger ones? Are there any special considerations that need to be made when choosing a wall shelf, like whether or not the surface of your wall will allow for screws?