The Mewar collection elegantly captures the essence of the Art Deco era through its use of segmented turning, a woodworking technique that binds together geometrically shaped pieces to create intricate patterns. Drawing inspiration from the luxurious and symmetrical designs that were characteristic of the 1920s and '30s, this collection successfully intertwines vintage charm with modern sensibilities. By employing a solid wooden base, the Mewar collection pays homage to traditional craftsmanship, providing not only a durable foundation but also a tactile dimension that enhances the aesthetic appeal. The careful integration of historical Art Deco aesthetics with contemporary tastes results in a timeless design that resonates with both nostalgic allure and present-day sophistication. By melding the past with the present, the Mewar collection offers a unique fusion that brings the grandeur of a bygone era into the context of modern living spaces.