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3 Most Effective Tips to Light a Room with Low Ceilings

by Orange Tree 10 Mar 2022
3 Most Effective Tips to Light a Room with Low Ceilings - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Low ceiling rooms are popularly associated with the misconception of lacking enough light. Well, this may be true if you put only a little thought into your room’s lighting and do not consult an interior designing expert.

You may find several lamps online with proper brightness that can instantly illuminate any room and make it feel inviting and ambient. But if you want to add an illusionary height to your room with a low ceiling, you must follow specific tips and tricks to make them appear more luminous. One such hack is to paint your roof white so that it bounces off more light and makes the room feel airy, enhancing the efficiency of your light fixtures.

However, here we’ve brought forth some of the best home decor lamps recommendations that can make your room with low ceilings look brighter and more ambient.

Best Tips to Light a Room with Low Ceilings

Browsing through your social media, scrolling pretty pictures of well-lit rooms may make you feel highly envious, right! It may make you think that lighting a room is pretty easier, even if the ceilings are low. However, the reality is different.

Having an illuminated space characterized by low ceilings requires intense planning and thought. So, for your convenience, here we’ve enlisted the top 3 tips to brighten your room with a low ceiling. Have a look!

Install Floor Lamps

The best way to conceal the lack of ceiling space in your room is by placing some floor lamps. These lights are not only stylish but can also accentuate and illuminate your room instantly.

Moreover, you do not need to go through the hassle of installing it anywhere. Place it anywhere on the floor, and you're good to go! A floor lamp that occupies less space and has an elegant design like the Maasai Floor Lamp by Orange Tree is recommended.

Opt for Wall Lamps

Characterized by resourcefulness, wall lamps are another great alternative to light-up rooms with low ceilings. These home decor lamps add a dramatic look to your room, along with illumination.

Wall lamps can add more artistic detail to the space, allowing it to ooze out inventiveness and sophistication. Because they usually shed light upwards, they can add a higher veneer to your ceiling. In addition, Wall lamps that are consciously made with a clean energy approach, like the Klimt Wall Lamp by Orange Tree , can make your room feel more vibrant, relaxing, and tranquil.

Klimt Wall Lamp

Use Table Lamps

To divert attention from your room’s ceiling to its space, buying table lamps online is a great idea. Not only do they allow you to light up specific areas, but they also help add more emphasis to the space of your room you want to highlight.

For this tip, you might want to unleash some of your inner imagination and pick lamps that are sustainably sourced and well-crafted with intricate details like the Grace Table Lamp by Orange Tree.

Grace Table Lamp

Can I use hanging lights for a low ceiling room?

People usually consider hanging lights unsuitable for rooms with low ceilings, as they may make the space appear congested. But, in reality, hanging lights boasting minimalistic designs like the Sino Hanging Lamp from Orange Tree can effectively light up your room and add a nice contemporary touch to the entire space.

How can I make my room with a low ceiling appear modern?

Low ceilings are generally associated with old houses, as their modern counterparts are typically spotted with high ceilings. So, to modernize a room with a low ceiling, paint your roof with a light shade and experiment with different lighting fixtures having an artistic touch, such as the Louvre Wall Lamp Round by Orange Tree .

Louvre Wall Lamp Round

Parting Words

Low ceilings are not preferred much in the modern age, as they make the room appear less spacious and ambient.

No one likes returning to a room that feels uninviting due to the lack of proper lighting and adequate space. Hence, experimenting with the tips mentioned above and choosing the best lamps online is a great way to bring over an artistic and arresting transformation in a room with a low ceiling.

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