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Best Bar Unit Tricks for Your Interior Design

by Orange Tree 21 Jan 2022
Best Bar Unit Tricks for Your Interior Design - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Bars are a great place to hang out and have a great time, but what if you could bring the atmosphere of a bar to your home? Home bars are becoming increasingly popular these days among the modern generation. The luxury and functionality that a home bar unit brings have increased its prevalence in the contemporary interior design sphere.

So, are you intimidated by the thought of having a home bar cabinet, assuming that it might occupy a lot of space and incur a hefty amount of expense? Then, this guide will give you the best tricks and tips to help you create a perfect home bar cost-effectively.

Perks of Having a Home Bar

Before getting into the best hacks for setting up a small bar unit in your home, you might want to learn how you can benefit from it. So, the following are some advantages of installing a bar unit at home.

  • Having a home bar allows your interior space to appear luxurious and posh. It gives a swanky outlook to your home and makes your guests believe that you have invested in designing your interior effectively.
  • Bar units for home enable you to showcase your unique beverage collection. Recollect that happy feeling you have when you enter a bar! So, when you have a home bar, you can go through that same happy feeling every day as soon as you see the collection in your cabinet.
  • If you love travelling and have collected a wide range of alcohols from around the world, letting it rot in some corner of your home is certainly not the best idea. Thus, with a home bar unit, you can easily store your alcohol collection for a longer time and enjoy sipping a glass of your favourite drink often.

Most of all, you can channel your inner barista when you stand in your home bar and prepare a flavorful concoction for yourself or guests.

Best Bar Unit Decoration Tricks

If you’ve decided to incorporate a bar unit in your home interior, check out these amazing tricks and tips to decorate it flawlessly.

Choose a Spacious Cabinet

One of the essential things you need for setting up a home bar is a spacious cabinet. You can find plenty of bar cabinets online but make sure to choose the one with a lot of storage space.

A bar cabinet with good storage space will allow you to store more beverages and other necessities, making your interior space look cleaner and more sophisticated. Hence, the Paolo Bar Unit from Orange Tree is a good choice when opting for a home bar cabinet with ample storage space and a stylish outlook.

Blend Classic with Contemporary

Modern-day interior designers prefer a blend of classic and contemporary furnishings than selecting one of the two. Mixing these two features will make your home bar appear lavish and unique.

You can add some old artworks for a classic touch and choose modern dining room furniture to render a contemporary touch. And adding the Scandi Bar Unit from Orange Tree can help your home bar achieve a perfect blend of classic and modern vibes.

Scandi Bar Unit

Experiment with Styles

If there is a scope to experiment in your dining room, it will undoubtedly be your bar unit. You can easily fit a home bar in a small space and still make it look gorgeous and opulent. You can install it under the stairs, in some corner of your dining or living room, or anywhere else. Try using different spaces of your home and turn it into a personalised home bar.

You can even add chic bar units for home, like the Toshi Bar Unit from Orange Tree. Well, of course, a classy home bar solely designed by you would be the best place to have some drinking sessions, isn't it?

Toshi Bar Unit

Thus, while installing bar cabinets, ensure that your home bar looks organised and up to the minute. If you are running out of inspiration, these are some stunning home bar ideas you can incorporate into your interior space. But here's the most important tip – always listen to your heart!

What should I store in a bar cabinet?

Your bar cabinet can come in handy for storing different varieties of liquors you own. But it would be incomplete without storing certain bar essentials like an ice bucket, a cocktail shaker, drinking glasses, a stirring spoon, and a juicer.

The Kites Bar Unit by Orange Tree is a large home bar cabinet you can use to store all these items.

What is the best material for bar cabinets?

Are you planning to invest in a bar cabinet for your home? If yes, make sure you choose a cabinet made of wood, as it is the most durable cabinet material.

A wooden cabinet also appears stylish and adds a classy touch to your interior. Thus, wooden cabinets are a choice you can never go wrong with and entirely rely on.

Bottom Line

Installing a home bar cabinet is an innovative idea, but it can be a disaster if you do it without proper planning. So, you need to make sure that you invest sufficient time into planning the design of your custom home bar. It will allow you to have an organised and ultra-modern home bar.

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