Buying Study Desk Lamps - 4 Best Tips to Consider
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Buying Study Desk Lamps - 4 Best Tips to Consider

by Orange Tree 20 Mar 2022
Buying Study Desk Lamps - 4 Best Tips to Consider - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

An ideal study space is constituted of a comfortable and spacious table that accommodates good lighting. Having a table lamp allows you to focus on a specific area, but the one with poor lighting can strain your eyes and interfere with your studies' flow.

Thus, you must put some thought into buying and picking high-quality desk lamps. A task-oriented light with proper illumination will not only make your study sessions more effective but will also accentuate your study space.

Tips to Choose the Right Study Desk Lamp

Your study table is the space where you spend a considerable amount of time performing most of your tasks. So, picking the correct study desk lamp can help you reduce strain on your vision and make you feel more comfortable while studying or performing other essential tasks.

The market boasts a wide variety of lamps, and many people only consider the lamp's look. However, to make the perfect selection, you must consider several other factors of buying table lamps online, as stated below.


Taking the size of the lamp into consideration is a no-brainer. It should match the proportions of your desk. A small table will not benefit much from a large lamp that may occupy most of its space.

Similarly, a small lamp will not provide adequate lighting to a large desk. So, buying a desk lamp that can adequately fit your desk's dimensions is recommended. The Loko Table Lamp by Orange Tree is a good choice for small study spaces.


When buying a study table lamp online, you must consider its brightness by taking the specified Foot Candles (FC) and Lumens (lm) into account. FC refers to the measurement of a lamp's brightness on focused objects, while lm corresponds to the measurement of the light intensity produced by the lamp.

So, if the light has more lumens, it will produce more light. Thus, you must check if the lamp has the brightness you need before buying one. However, also ensure that the lamp works on the principle of clean energy. For instance, if you need an energy-efficient light that illuminates evenly, the Plato Study Table Lamp from Orange Tree will be a perfect choice.

Plato Study Table Lamp


You must look into the practicality of the lamp when buying table lamps online. So, you must check how efficiently it can illuminate your working area, its flexibility, and adjustability.

For instance, if you have to share your study space with a roommate, you need a lamp that can be angled accordingly or distribute the light widely. Do you relate to this situation? Well, then the Auro Study Table Lamp from Orange Tree can ease things for you.

Auro Study Table Lamp

Quality and Maintenance

Objects that are frequently used have the potential to get damaged easily. Lamps fall into this category, too, as they are used daily. So, to prevent their damage and avoid yielding extra expenses, you should make a long-term investment by choosing a high-quality and durable lamp.

A study lamp that is responsibly sourced with high-quality materials like the Esna Study Table Lamp by Orange Tree requires minimal maintenance. Hence, it can come in handy.

Esna Study Table Lamp

What kind of features makes a study lamp worth the purchase?

Along with shedding light, you may want your study table lamp to render some beauty to the space too. So, a decorative light accommodating good brightness along with the company of an artistic design can certainly make you appear as having an exquisite taste.

What is a good recommendation for an effective lamp that is also decorative?

A lamp that is easy on the eye and task-oriented may help you steer away from procrastination. There are many desk lamps online that meet these criteria, one of which is the Shubra Table Lamp from OrangeTree.

Wrap Up

To pick desk lamps meeting your specific needs and enhancing the ambience and efficiency of your workspace, considering the above factors, is of utmost importance. Outline your needs and ponder upon your preferences. Eventually, things will align, enabling you to make the perfect selection effectively. And the ideal lamp will thereby grace your study table.

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