Diwali Light Decoration Ideas for Your Home
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Diwali Light Decoration Ideas for Every Corner of Your Home

by Orange Tree 18 Oct 2023
Diwali Light Decoration: Illuminating Your Home in Style

Diwali, the iconic Festival of Lights, is a symphony of colors, sounds, and emotions. Yet, amid the fireworks and the festive fare, the heart of Diwali beats in the quiet, radiant glow of lights that adorn our homes. From the humble lamp on the window sill to the majestic chandelier in the hall, each light source tells a tale of tradition, beauty, and innovation. As we step into another vibrant celebration of this beloved festival, this guide unveils the art of Diwali light decoration, showcasing how various lighting fixtures can be the stars of your festive decor. Dive in to discover the magic of illuminating your abode, Diwali style.

Elegant Wall Lamps

Traditional Meets Modern: Wall lamps come in various styles. For Diwali, consider a blend of traditional and modern designs. Go for wall lamps with intricate patterns that cast beautiful shadows when illuminated, reminiscent of the festive spirit.

wall lamp for diwali wall decor

Placement: Installing these on either side of your main entrance can create a welcoming atmosphere. They can also be placed in corridors or beside paintings to highlight them.

Dazzling Hanging Lamps

Ethnic Glamour: Hanging lamps or pendant lights are perfect for adding a dash of ethnicity. Opt for brass or copper lamps with glass inlays.

Hanging light for the dipawali light decoration

Usage: They look best when hung over dining tables, in your balcony or even at entrances. The soft glow from a hanging lamp can transform an ordinary space into a festive haven.

Floor Lamps with Flair

Bold and Beautiful: Floor lamps are not mere instruments to combat darkness; they're a declaration of style and taste. This Diwali, opt for designs that blend eco-friendliness with elegance, like those made of bamboo or other sustainable materials.

floor lamp for diwali room corner lighting decoration

Perfect Placement: These radiant wonders can find their niche in the cozy corners of your living room or stand proudly next to your plush sofa, adding a touch of festive glamour.

Chandeliers that Charm

The Epitome of Elegance: Nothing encapsulates luxury quite like a chandelier. Whether you're drawn to designs made of gleaming metals or other exquisite materials, there's a vast array to choose from.

chandelier for diwali light

Ideal Installation: Position it prominently in your living room or above your dining table. Once illuminated, it amplifies the festive atmosphere, elevating your Diwali to regal heights.

Clustered Beauties

Symphony of Lights: Cluster hanging lamps are an assemblage of multiple petite lamps, harmoniously grouped to create a captivating and distinctive spectacle.

cluster of hanging lamp for diwali light decor

Festive Placement: Suspend them above your dining space or in areas where friends and family gather. The varied colors of the bulbs bathe your room in festive hues, setting the perfect tone for Diwali celebrations.

Luminous Lanterns

A Timeless Elegance: Lanterns, often referred to as 'kandils', hold a special place in Diwali celebrations. Crafted from delicate glass, they emanate a nostalgic allure.

diwali lantern for decoration

Positioning with Purpose: Adorn your exteriors by hanging them outside windows or on balconies. You can also elevate your entrances and pathways with their presence. As they gleam and shimmer, these lanterns craft the quintessential Diwali atmosphere.


Lighting up your home during Diwali is not just a tradition but also an expression of joy, hope, and festivity. With the variety of options available, you can transform your space into a Diwali wonderland. Whether you prefer the muted glow of lanterns or the grandeur of chandeliers, there's something for every home and every style. This Diwali, let your home shine the brightest!

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