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9 best Drawing Room Decoration Ideas

by Orange Tree 19 Jun 2023
Fido Sit Table Decor. Drawing room decor ideas 2023

The drawing room is like the lively pulse of every home—an inviting place where we warmly welcome guests, find peace and relaxation after a busy day, and create cherished memories with our loved ones.

The way we decorate our drawing room can significantly impact its ambiance, making it essential to infuse style, functionality, and personality into its design. If you're looking to revamp your drawing room, we have some fantastic Drawing Room Decoration Ideas that will transform it into a stylish and cozy space. Whether you want an elegant and classic look or a modern and vibrant atmosphere, these 9 best Drawing Room Decoration Ideas will inspire you to create the drawing room of your dreams.

1. Embrace a Neutral Palette

Acme Wooden Dining Chair. Drawing Room Decoration Ideas 2023- Orange Tree
Alan Wooden Bench with Magazine holder. Decoration Ideas 2023- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Daburu Grey Lounge Chair for bedroom. New home Decoration ideas 2023 - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Neutral colors are the number 1 thing in Drawing room decoration ideas, as they have a timeless appeal, creating a serene and sophisticated atmosphere in your drawing room. Opt for shades of beige, cream, or light gray for the walls, allowing you to play with different colors through accessories and furniture. Choose a plush sofa in a neutral tone and complement it with accent pillows and throws in vibrant hues to add a pop of color to the room.

2. Introduce Natural Elements

Callam Cane Style Planter large Size. Decor Ideas for Drawing Room  - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Huda Wooden Planter Large Size in steel. New Home Ideas 2023  - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Callam Cane Planter with wooden legs in medium size.  Decoration ideas from Orangetree

Create a captivating connection between the natural world and your drawing room by introducing the elegance of planters. These versatile vessels not only showcase your beloved houseplants but also serve as striking decorative elements. By placing the planters thoughtfully near windows or in corners, you can effortlessly infuse your drawing room with an enchanting touch of greenery, fostering a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Orange tree Planters are great for bringing natural look to your drawing room, as they are made with natural cane.

3. Experiment with Wall Art

Black Color Tango Wall Decor set of 3. Wall Decoration styles - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Pukim Wall Decor in Brass Finish. Set of 3 Wall Decor- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Dragonfly copper wall decor - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

The 3rd thing in the list of Drawing room decoration ideas is captivating artwork. Captivating artwork makes a statement on your drawing room walls. Whether you prefer bold, abstract pieces or serene landscapes, choose wall decor items that reflects your style and complements the room's overall aesthetic. Group smaller pieces together for an eclectic gallery wall or select a large, eye-catching painting as a focal point. Artwork not only adds visual interest but also sparks conversation and enhances the room's atmosphere.

4. Play with Lighting

Alex Beautiful Lantern for Bedroom in large size. Modern home designs- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Beautiful Killa Floor Lamp for Drawing Room- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Beautiful Round Aarna Hanging lamp for Drawing Room - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

The right lighting can completely change the ambiance of any room. In your drawing room, aim for a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Allow ample natural light to filter through large windows by keeping curtains light and airy. Position lamps strategically in darker corners or near reading nooks to create cozy and inviting spots. Supplement this with strategically placed pendant lights to create a cozy and inviting ambiance during evenings. Dimmer switches can also help you control the intensity of light, allowing you to set the perfect mood for different occasions.
For more options, you can opt for Lanterns, Hanging Lamps or Floor Lamps.

Lanterns are portable sources of lighting. Lanterns are great energy savers, and they also infuse your room with a nostalgic vibe, evoking the charm of bygone eras.

Hanging lights for living room are a great option for optimal functionality and space utilization. They free up the tabletop surface and allow you to manage more things on your desk. So, whether you need space at the desk of your room or at the kitchen stand, you can comfortably go for the hanging lamp.

Floor Lamps are stand alone lamp that offers low warmth light to focus on a particular spot in a room.
Floor Lamps for living room are a fantastic addition. They enhance the overall ambiance of the space while providing focused illumination where needed.

5. Touch of Flower Vases

Modern Tora Glass vase in dark Color. Cozy Style bedroom - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Beautifill Adam White Flower Marble Vase  - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
 Lota Flower Glass Vase in dark color for home decor ideas  2023- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Flower Vases are classic decorative items among our  Drawing Room Decoration Ideas that never go out of style. They effortlessly enhance the beauty of floral arrangements and can be used as standalone decorative pieces as well. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures of vases to complement your drawing room's aesthetic. Tall, slender vases can add a sense of elegance, while chunkier, more rustic vases create a cozy and earthy vibe. Display vases on your mantelpiece, side tables, or floating shelves, and change the flowers seasonally to keep your drawing room feeling fresh and vibrant.

6. Adding Comfort and style combined

Soft Metrix Lounge Chair in white color for Home Decor Ideas- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Dado Wooden Lounge Chair in soft Grey. Drawing room Decor Ideas 2023- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Upholstered Jade Blue Lounge Chair . Drawing Room Decoration Ideas 2023- Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Lounge chairs are not only comfortable seating options but also serve as stylish accents in a drawing room. Choose lounge chairs that complement your overall decor theme while providing a cozy spot for relaxation. Place a couple of lounge chairs near a window to create a designated space for reading. Add a throw blanket or cushions for an extra touch of comfort and style.

7. Adding personality and charm

Hira Mirror. Modern Home 2024 - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Modern Style Klimt Cane Mirror. Modern Architecture 2023- Orange Tree
Kao Wooden Wall Mirror for Wall Decoration - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Blank walls are like a canvas waiting to reflect your style and elevate your drawing room with stunning wall mirrors. These decorative gems enhance the aesthetics of your space. With elegant frames and captivating designs, designer wall mirrors add personality and charm to the drawing room. You can choose a statement mirror as a focal point or a collection of smaller mirrors for a unique arrangement and they will bring amplifying the visual appeal of your drawing room.

8. Sofas

Brown Color Wooden Metric Coffee Table, Coffee Table Decor Ideas  - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Sofa Setup for living room. Orange Tree
Brown Color Wooden Rectangular Barcelona. Wall Ideas - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Sofas are another centerpiece in drawing room decoration ideas. A drawing room is incomplete without a comfortable and stylish sofa. Consider the size of your drawing room and choose a sofa that fits the space while accommodating your seating needs. Play with different colors to create a focal point and add visual interest. Don't forget to accessorize your sofa with throw pillows and blankets that complement the overall color palette of your drawing room.

You can explore a wide range of premium quality sofas online at Orange tree, where you can find a wide range of styles and colors to match your personal taste and make your living place look better.

9. Poufs: Versatile and trendy seating options

Stylish Soft Moi Pouf in Green Color with Wooden Base. Decoration ideas Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.
Art Deco Upholstered Square Pouf . Home Decor Ideas 2023 -Orange Tree
 Dotto Upholstered Soft Round Pouf.  Home Decor Ideas 2023  - Orange Tree Homes Pvt Ltd.

Poufs are versatile seating options that add a touch of casual elegance to any drawing room. Choose poufs in vibrant colors or patterns to inject a pop of personality into your drawing room. Place them in front of your sofas or lounge chairs to create a cozy seating arrangement, or use them as standalone pieces for a more relaxed and laid-back vibe. Poufs are not only functional but also trendy, making them an excellent addition to your drawing room decor.

You can explore and buy pouffe online at Orange tree, where a delightful collection awaits. With a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, these pouffes add a touch of comfort and versatility to your living space, allowing you to express your unique style.


By incorporating lounge chairs, wall decor, poufs, and sofas into your drawing room decor, you can elevate both the style and functionality of the space. These elements add personality, comfort, and visual interest, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Remember to choose pieces that align with your personal style and consider the overall aesthetic of your drawing room.


What is a Drawing Room?

    A drawing room, also known as a living room or a lounge, is a common area in a house or apartment where residents and guests gather for socializing, relaxation, and entertainment. It is typically furnished with seating arrangements such as sofas, chairs, and coffee tables, along with elements like wall decorations, artwork, and entertainment systems. The drawing room serves as a versatile space for various activities, including conversations, watching television, hosting guests, and spending leisure time with family and friends.

    What can be kept in drawing room?

      In a drawing room, you can typically find seating furniture like sofas and chairs, a coffee table for convenience, and an entertainment system for leisure. Decorative items, lighting fixtures, and rugs or carpets may also be present to enhance the ambiance and add a personal touch to the space.

      How can I make my room wall beautiful?

        To make your room walls beautiful, start by choosing a color scheme or pattern that complements your decor. Consider adding artwork or photographs that reflect your personal style and interests. Install decorative shelves to display unique items, and strategically place mirrors to enhance light and create a sense of space. Additionally, you can use removable decals or stickers for creative designs, create an accent wall with a different color or material, and add architectural interest with wall molding or trim. These elements combined will transform your room walls into stunning focal points.

        Which Color is best for drawing room?

          The best color for a drawing room depends on personal preference, but popular choices include neutral tones such as white, beige, or light gray for a versatile backdrop. Warm hues like brown or earthy tones create a cozy atmosphere, while cool shades like light blue or soft green bring a calming effect. Consider your desired ambiance and existing decor when selecting the perfect color for your drawing room.

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