Give a Budget-Friendly Touch of Elegance to Your Living Room
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Give a Budget-Friendly Touch of Elegance to Your Living Room

by Orange Tree 26 Oct 2021
Give a Budget-Friendly Touch of Elegance to Your Living Room - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Do you know an extensive living room decor has the magical power to refresh your mood anytime? A good living room decoration constitutes an arrangement that flawlessly accentuates your choice and personality. The way you decorate your interior has a lot to say about your preferences, personality, mood, and style sense. So, would you just let your living room reflect a vague styling just because you have a tight budget to spend? Well, we will not let you do so!

Thus, here are some budget-friendly quick styling tips with living room furniture online, which will bolster your sense of beauty and let you sprinkle magic in the corners of your home. Welcome to an interior-style ride!

Go bold, be confident!

Are you one of them who loves to see a splash of colours around them? Well, then, your living room styling must reiterate your fervour for colours. So, to showcase your youthful zeal and zest through your interiors, feel confident to make some bold additions.

Adding a few bold-coloured statement pieces of furniture can create a head-turning elegance in your corners. Buy sofa online that boasts eye-catchy silhouettes with superb fabric finishing. You can purchase the Barcelona Sofa Collection from Orange Tree to render a perfect blend of colour and elegance to your living room.

Barcelona Sofa Collection
Barcelona Sofa Collection

Moreover, a bold pop of colours in your sofa, combined with a minimally designed yet chic wooden centre table for living room, can render utmost aristocracy in your home's ambience. So, to achieve this purpose, you can easily get the Paolo Coffee Table from Orange Tree.

Paolo Coffee Table
Paolo Coffee Table

Splurge on a statement bookshelf to facilitate head-turning interior decor

You can stay within your budget and still invigorate flamboyancy in your living room. The main attraction of your living room is undoubtedly the sofa, but other accessory furniture pieces can also be chic enough to steal the charm.

If you have a habit of reading books while surrendering yourself to the cosiness of your sofa, get a book shelf to amplify the overall beauty of your living room. A nice-looking bookshelf will not only flaunt your vast collection of books but also act as an add-on charm where you can place some small yet attractive decor elements to render an ostentatious appeal to the room. For example, the Dali Bookshelf from Orange Tree can be your ultimate confidant.

Dali Bookshelf
Dali Bookshelf

Let the centre table be the centre of attraction

Do you want to give your guests the reason to praise and talk about your interior decor behind you? Well, then here’s a proven tip for you! Go minimal yet classy with your pocket-friendly decor by adding a luxurious centre table in your living room.

Whether you want to relish on chit-chats over a coffee cup with your favourite person sitting beside you or serve some hot tea to your guests playing your role as a host in the best way, a good coffee table will always accompany you. So, get coffee tables online that accentuate your style the right way. In this regard, the Throne Coffee Table Set from Orange Tree can be a perfect addition to your living room.

Throne Coffee Table Set
Throne Coffee Table Set

Add elegance with lounge chair supremacy

Do you know what is the secret weapon of most interior designers to add a quick escalation to the charm of your living room? It is statement furniture called lounge chairs. The moment you add a lounge chair to your living room interior, you automatically switch to luxury in your decor.

A cosy-looking lounge chair has an impeccable power to invigorate luxury and elegance to your entire room in no time. The style and pattern of lounger chairs for living room not only look out of the box but also add some edge to your styling. Thus, a pretty piece of furniture like the Jeyo Rocking Chair from Orange Tree can be a perfect beautiful touch to your living room.

Get entertained in style

Who doesn’t love to binge-watch popular daily soaps and enjoy their favourite movies on TV while sitting in a luxury of home? Everyone does, right! But would you enjoy it much when the surroundings of your TV look pale and dull? Absolutely no!

Thus, our pro-style tip is to add a beautiful TV cabinet that will not only make your entertainment a joyous venture but also complement the overall decor style of your living room. So, in this regard, the Bicasso TV Unit from Orange Tree can be the ultimate game-changer for you.

Bicasso TV Unit
Bicasso TV Unit

Final thoughts

Creating aristocracy in each of the corners of your living room is not at all a hefty expenditure if you know how to decorate it perfectly. Thus, buy living room furniture online, which looks magnificent yet comes at an affordable cost. And then, follow the styling tips mentioned above to add elegance to your interior and create a unique and praise-worthy living room decor.

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