7 Beautiful Hanging Lights for your Balcony
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7 Beautiful Hanging Lights for your Balcony

by Orange Tree 20 Jul 2022
7 Beautiful Hanging Lights for your Balcony - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

If you are looking for the perfect hanging lights for balcony, then look no further. Here at Orange Tree, we have the best hanging light for outdoor in India with unique designs that will make your balcony stand out from the rest. We want you to fall in love with our products and experience the joy of having a unique outdoor space that is all yours. Our products are made from high-quality materials and we are committed to providing you with only the best in lighting. At Orange tree, You'll find hanging lights for living room in a variety of styles, designs and finishes at our shop

Outdoor Hanging Lights for Your Beautiful Balcony

Choosing the right hanging light for your balcony can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from, and each one seems to have its own unique style and look.

That's why we've decided to help you out with this list of our top 7 picks for hanging lights outdoor in India. We've got everything from modern designs to retro looks, so there's sure to be something here that will catch your eye—and maybe even make it easier for you to settle on a final choice!

Gris Hanging Lamp

Gris Hanging Lamp at balcony


The Gris Hanging Lamp has a modern style, in granular grey sandblasted outer and mango wood top. This unique design will add some texture to your home, and it will perfectly complement a modern or minimalist interior. The product is made of metal, paper and resin.

Klimt Hanging Lamp Small

Klimt Hanging light Small at outdoor

Add a touch of glamour to your home with the Klimt Hanging Lamp Small. This elegant, flower-like lamp is made of iron and powder coated in black and brown for a classic yet modern look. It would look great on your balcony or garden. Bring some luxury into your interior design with this beautiful light fixture!

Empire Conical Hanging Lamp

Empire Conical Hanging Light design for balcony


The Empire Conical Hanging Lamp is both a striking and functional addition to your home or balcony. Crafted of mango wood and iron, this lamp features a brass-coloured metal conical shade that sits atop a mango wood base. This unique design makes the perfect statement piece for any room of the house, whether it be the living room, dining room or bedroom. Perfect for any room decor

Chrysler Hanging Lamp

Chrysler outdoor Hanging light for balcony


The Chrysler Hanging Lamp is a beautiful piece of decor and functional lighting that will add warmth, texture and an elegant glow to your room. Made from iron and brass with a black, gold or antique nickel finish, this hanging lamp can be used on a console table by the front door or in the entryway to provide a tasteful touch of elegance or adorn your patio for a stylish outdoor setting.

Apollo Hanging Lamp

outdoor Apollo Hanging Lamp for balcony

Apollo Hanging Lamp -D-shape mango wood and brass holder with a natural finish is the perfect blend of rustic and modern. The shade, made from high-quality solid wood materials, with a filament bulb allows for ambient lighting when used indoors. It's ideal for outdoor settings and balcony decoration, especially if coupled with other pieces from our mango wood collection.

Merriam Hanging Lamp Copper

Merriam balcony Hanging light Copper


Bring a touch of elegance to your home with this beautiful Merriam copper hanging lamp Placed inside a wire frame made of steel, is an off-white silk shade. You can place it inside your favourite reading nook for a moody effect or on your indoor balcony to give your room some oomph.

Kyoto Dome Hanging Lamp

Kyoto Dome Hanging Lamp


The Kyoto Dome hanging lamp features a beautiful cane work design that is accentuated by an asymmetric curve at the bottom, highlighting its accompanying metallic frame. The result is a perfect blend of grace and elegance that will lend a classic touch to your living room or bedroom.


When it comes to designing a space and your balcony, the hanging lights are an interesting element of every room. They add character and they ignite interest in the design with their beautiful designs as well as their warm lighting. They are available in various shapes, distinct styles and unique designs that make them more attractive. Nowadays, when it comes to choosing the best hanging light, there is plenty of options to choose from.

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