2024 Home Light Trends to Watch
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2024 Home Light Trends to Watch

by Orange Tree 10 Sep 2021
2023 Home Light Trends to Watch - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.


Do you want to try out a new and trendy makeover for your home décor? Well, then opting for an extensive array of designer lights is undoubtedly the best and most fashionable way to add glamour to your home.

The ongoing fashion of lighting is never-ending. Hence, 2024 is another glorious year to witness enormous creativity in lighting trends. So, in case you are looking out for some of the best lighting trends to spellbound the guests at your home, then you are here at the right place.

Ranging from a bunch of bare bulbs to dynamic decorations with home décor lamps of various shapes and styles, the lighting trends of 2024 is worth checking out. So, what about having a short journey through the latest home light trends? Well, let's have a look.

Sculptural Lighting Give Your Living Room the Spotlight

The sculptural lighting are always the show-stopper when it comes to emanating positive vibes in your living room with new home light trends. Your living room is the best place to make your guests feel comfortable. Thus, it needs some special adornment.

So, what about glowing it up with sculptural-shaped hanging lights for living room along with bold decorations? Well, it will serve as a piece of art for your home.

You can even accentuate your home in the best possible way by placing gorgeous table lamps near your sideboard, console table, or beside the sofa. You can glam up your table corner with a Tango Table lamp to put more focus on sculptural lighting.

Also, don't forget the floor lamps! Brighten up the corners of your home with exclusively crafted floor lamps, which are the ultimate delight to one's eyes.

Add More Color with Shine

You must add some color to your room to make it look flamboyant. But are you wondering how? Well, bring in the colored decorative lamps and place them at the corners of your home. A colorful light never goes out of trend. Also, it complements your lively personality in the best way. So, who isn't going to get mesmerized while looking at the bold and passionate colors glowing in your living room?

If you have a very decorative wall design, then placing a colorful patterned lamp at any corner of your room will undoubtedly create a trendy look. Be a bit playful with your interior, add more pattern and colors to it. A colorful and uniquely designed floor lamp like the Tappa Floor Lamp looks elegant and contrasts well with an embellished wall.

Tappa Floor Lamp

Go a Bit Extra with Your Bedroom Lighting

It's 2024! And bedrooms are not anymore only the place where your sleep. It is a place to cherish all your dreams and leisurely thoughts that require a soothing lighting environment. Thus, it would help if you put some more emphasis on your bedroom lights.

You can merely opt for a lavish and unique wall lamp for your bedroom. 2024 welcomes a wide range of unique styles for wall-mounted lamps. Go for an innovatively styled designer light, Mallawi wall lamp, to render a mesmerizing glow to your bedroom. You can install matching table lamps, hanging lights, wall décors, and mirrors to give a coordinated look to your bedroom.

Mallawi wall lamp

Bring in Geometry with Home Décor Lamps

Whether it is the pages of your Mathematics book or lighting fixtures, geometry is never out of fashion! So, why not include it in your home to go hand-in-hand with the trend? Well, then opt for the innovative geometric designs of lights with mix and match shades to complement your living room and dining room in the best way.

To try out some alterations, you can opt for a reiteration of the toppings with patterned lights to make your space look roomier and beautiful. Bring in creativity with the eco-friendly Wave Hanging Lamp to get an intensive beauty of the wavy geometry.

Wave Hanging Lamp tall

Let Retro Lights do its Magic

The retro trend is never out of fashion! Moreover, it is the simplest way to naturally glam up your home with a few elements and lighting fixtures. To create a contemporary style, you can go for a plain, level-headed fabric lamp in a metal material.

Focus on the straightforward finishes of decorative lamps to achieve a compelling retro look. Ensure a neutral hue with more accentuation on metal lights to create the best retro vibes at your home. Celebrate the charm of the decadent era, along with the Minya Round Hanging Lamp, suspended from the ceiling of your living room.

Minya Round Hanging Lamp

End Words

Lighting speaks a lot about your choice and personality. Thus, put some dazzling lights to glam up the walls and various corners of your home and give them the limelight to get the best attention from your guests. So, apart from the lighting trends discussed above, place bright bulbs and designer lights around your wall arts to create a very cozy feel at your home.

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