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How Can You Give a Retro Look to Your Home Decor?

by Orange Tree 01 Jan 2021
How Can You Give a Retro Look to Your Home Decor? - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Well, what are your thoughts about retro-styled decor for your home? Charming, right? In this age of all posh and funky millennial decorations, if you are missing the serene elegance of the vintage vibes in your surroundings, then it's time to bring the change. You don't need to be revolutionary; just evolute the styling of your interior smartly to surround yourself with the retro vibes.

You can easily upgrade to the vintage look by placing some antique and retro-styled hanging pieces or pairing a few home decoration lights that would go compatible with the paint on your walls. Are you looking for such ideas on how to give your space a retro look? Well, here are some of the retro-inspired ideas that will easily catch everyone’s eyes and minds. So, let’s start.

Decorate Your Room with Retro Pieces

To reflect your personality along with your vintage love is the best thing that you can do to your interior. To keep your mood always uplifted and make your guests jealous of the classy decoration, you can easily achieve the retro-inspired 80s look by adding quirky vintage pieces to the different corners of your sweet home.

You can choose some vintage toys like a tin robot and put it on the shelves of your walls in the drawing-room. You can even bring out the Victorian vibes by placing an industrial-styled metal-finished large wall clock in any corner of your study room or living room.

Gadee Wall Decor

Also, you might consider giving an interesting twist by hanging an antique finished iron-made Retro Bicycle , which you can fill with aromatic flowers to enhance the vintage look of your room.

Retro Cycle Wall Decor

What About Adding Some Glow with the Antique Floor Lamps?

The basics of home decor start with proper floor assortments. So, decorate the base level with the right lighting fixture that will not only add some vintage luster to your home but also glow up the room with a serene brightness paired with an antique effect of slightly dusk tone for creating an aesthetic-rich ambiance.

A floor lamp paired with pulleys inspired from the mid-70s street style lanterns can be a great companion to your home decor to complement the entire vintage setting. Also, picking a light that has a traditional look along with a blend of contemporary touch will be great to satisfy your vintage love with a millennial spirit. The Tanna Floor Lamp can easily make a significant place in your list of floor lamps for living rooms for its quirky geometry and the metal jail wave-patterned design, inspired by vintage India.

Add a Vintage-Styled Bench to Your Living Room

Nothing can be more glamorous than creating an antique look with an old telephone placed beside a small gossip bench in your living room. But are you thinking how to get the bench? Well, you can merely turn your old crib into a bench by adding some metallic paint on it, which will give it an antique finish.
Or you can consider purchasing a timeless and stylish bench from OrangeTree. Our stylish piece of furniture not only provides functional seating but also add a sense of sophistication to your living space.

Try our living room bench and make a statement of offering a comfortable and stylish seating solution.

Bring Some Hanging Lights for Living Room

Hanging lights are the best way to add charm to your home decoration. And when it comes to creating a retro-inspired look, then you can easily find different beautiful lamps online that can be the best fixture to restore the old vibes in this new age. Complete set-up of industrial pendants above your dining table can bring out the old-school dining vibes every day.

The hemp rope hanging lights can always create a magically bright ancient look that you can easily add to your living or drawing-room. A wood and yellow walnut-finished Netta Hanging Light can also be the best arrangement for creating a dramatically retro vibe and form your own selfie corner at your home.

Netta Hanging lamp

Charm Up Your Lounge with a Mid-Century Sofa Corner

Nothing can be more retro than a 60s mid-century sofa that creates a wholesome vintage look while making your guests comfortable in style. It will maximize the charm and complement the wall with an old painting alongside to create a complete elegant look that takes you back to the mid-centuries.

Place a colorful polka-dotted table lamp beside the sofa to give it an 80s outlook. Or you can purchase a gold-finished vintage gramophone to bring out that old embellishments with a classy touch.


No matter how much the style changes with the passing time, nothing can steal the undying charm of the retro setting. And as we all know that old is gold, and applying this idea to your home decor will be smart enough to flaunt your personality along with your love for the vintage style.

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