How Can You Light a Room Without Overhead Lights?
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How Can You Light a Room Without Overhead Lights?

by Orange Tree 23 Dec 2021
How Can You Light a Room Without Overhead Lights? - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Have you just shifted to your new apartment loaded with ample amenities? But wait, doesn't your flat have overhead ceiling lights? Well, this can make your new home appear a bit dark and subdued. But don't worry; you can still reinvent your room's illuminance and aestheticism by implementing a few effective lighting ideas with various decorative lights.

So, do you want to explore these easy-to-install lighting options to brighten up your room having no overhead lights? Here are the top 4 alternative ways you can enhance the radiance of your dull and pale room.

Adorn your room with bright floor lamps

The most apparent solution for your space without a ceiling light is to install a floor lamp. Usually, any type and design of floor lamps can improve the luminescence of your apartment. But always choose the right size of a lamp as per the dimensions of your room. For instance, large arc floor lamps serve as beautiful statement pieces in large spaces, maximising interior lighting.

But if you do not have enough floor area, find a tall and sleek floor lamp that will radiate sufficient light to brighten maximum space. In this regard, the Athens floor lamp from Orange Tree would be a perfect addition to your living room. It flawlessly incorporates elements of modernity and antiquity, which not only lights up the entire room but also accentuates your home decor range.

Besides, while choosing floor lamps for your room with no overhead lights, pick the ones having less colour and appear more adorning. You can opt for either bold lights or elegant and petite ones that amalgamate well into the background wall colour of your room.

Get easy plug-in pendant lights to enhance the charm of your room

Have you already installed sconces in your living room to enhance the beauty of your home? Well, then it's time to make a mount-and-plug selection that goes well with living space sconces, i.e., ceiling pendants. Plug-in pendant lights render a great modern essence to your room and cover a wide area. In addition, you'll require only one or two lights for bright interior lighting.

Besides, the installation of these home decoration lights is too easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is plug in the cord of these pendant lights into the wall and experience a beautiful glowy room.

You can also install a chandelier type pendant light to set a party mode. Cupula Hanging Lamp from Orange Tree would be a perfect choice for adding such vibrance and illuminance to your room in the absence of overhead lights.

Install table lamps to brighten inaccessible spaces

Table lamps are another important source of lighting for rooms having no ceiling lights. The tiny pools of flash emitted from table lamps in preferred areas enable the light to reach those small corners where even pendant and floor lamps cannot.

You can easily place them on the tables beside your couch or sofa and enjoy reading your favourite book or doing your office tasks on your laptop in a light, sombre, and relaxing set-up. Also, you can buy table lamps online of various sizes and incorporate them at different corners of your room to amplify interior lighting and bring about a visual variation.

Besides utilising a wide array of designer table lamps, you can easily control the light exposure, tone, and intensity. So, Rhombus Table Lamp Black from Orange Tree is a perfect table lamp option to opt for your living room. It will not only radiate brightness in your cosy corners but also enhance the appearance of your living space.

Try out clustered hanging lights

Hanging lights have always been a popular choice for interior lighting, and now, clustered hanging lights for the living room are gaining even more popularity. Not only do they bring a stylish and trendy touch to your space, but they also serve as excellent lighting solutions for rooms without ceiling lights. Clustered hanging lights make a fantastic addition to your home decor, adding a touch of glamour to areas above large furniture pieces, beds, and couches. Moreover, they can be strategically placed near windows or doors, enhancing the beauty of these architectural features and creating a captivating ambiance in your room. Upgrade your living space with these captivating clustered hanging lights, effortlessly blending functionality and aesthetic appeal.

However, these clustered hanging lights are available in different colours and sizes at affordable prices. So, choose those that can blend well with your wall colour and interior decor, brightening up the entire room.

If you have a large living room and want to give it a dreamy bohemian look, you must opt for a simple yet elegant clustered hanging light. The Linx Hanging Lamp Cluster from Orange Tree is a beautifully crafted sphere-shaped hanging light that can offer adequate interior lighting while rendering an aesthetic touch to your living space.

Final words

Lighting enables us to set the ambience and vibe of our room. Thus, if you are looking for effective lighting solutions for your living space with no overhead lights, it can be as simple as 1,2,3 with the above-mentioned ideas.

So now, the challenge of brightening up your space with no ceiling lights shouldn’t keep you from leasing your dream apartment. Instead, consider it as a golden opportunity to explore your creative skills in installing decorative lights in your room without the requirement of expensive add-ons and complex electrical wiring.

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