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How Do You Pick the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room?

by Orange Tree 21 Nov 2021
How Do You Pick the Right Coffee Table for Your Living Room? - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Coffee tables in living rooms hold a special place in everyone's heart. Endless stories and gossips build up there while sipping a cup of coffee. From morning relaxation with your newspaper over a cup of tea to evening leisure and chitchats over a cup of coffee, anything is incomplete without this omnipresent living room furniture online.

So, are you looking for one? Well, furnishing your living room luxuriously will give an added upliftment of elegance to your interior, making it look more compact. So, let us share some effective tips on choosing the best centre tables for living room. Here, have a look.

Consider the height that ushers compatibility

While focusing on your living room decoration, you must keep one thing in mind that the height of your coffee table must go with your other furnishings. The best appeal is created when you pick a coffee table of a height lower than your sofa seat.

The rule of thumb is to opt for such center table for living room that are 1-2-inches lower than your sofa seat. The proper height coordination lets you bolster a perfect harmony over your interior decoration. A nice heightened coffee table like the Metric Coffee Table by Orange Tree can go brilliantly with your sofa set.

Metric Coffee Table
Metric Coffee Table

Balance it up to escalate the overall appeal

While you pick a coffee table, you must keep the appearance and style of your sofa in mind. A coffee table completes the puzzle of an incomplete living room decor.

A nice coffee table works more like an accentuation to the rapture of your comfy sofa by creating the right balance in styling. Thus, try to make inbound coordination of colour, style, and material between your coffee table and sofa set.

For instance, if your living room decor flaunts a wooden sofa, you can add a splendiferous cohesiveness by choosing a wooden coffee table. So, picking the Yoho Coffee Table from Orange Tree can help you create such a warm and cosy appeal effortlessly.

Yoho Coffee Table
Yoho Coffee Table

Choose the right material

The material of your coffee table online in India not only has impeccable power to invigorate an alluring appeal to your home decor, but it also renders to the durability and longevity of your furniture. Thus, you need to be very specific while choosing the material for your coffee table.

If you want to flaunt a minimalistic yet catchy design, a chic glass table can look mesmerizing. So, to create such an alluring appearance, you can easily go for the Paolo Coffee Table by Orange Tree that looks gorgeous. But, on the other hand, if you want to create a trendy metallic and millennial design, a metallic table will add an explicit aura to your room.

Paolo Coffee Table
Paolo Coffee Table

Similarly, for a classic and sober charm, a wooden appeal would be the best. Wooden tables render a solid and compact outlook by adding completeness to your home decor, which looks fantastic in every bit.

Let the style reign over

Are you feeling that something is missing out in your living room decor? If yes, then the answer is a stylish wooden centre table for living room. Incorporating a coffee table in your decor range will add a quick glamour that will uplift the overall charm of your room instantaneously.

However, while selecting the style, make sure it syncs well with your rooms' decoration. From the colour of your walls to the furniture pieces that complement your room's charm, everything should come under consideration to create a spell-binding look in your interior. A classy, clean style like the Throne Coffee Table from Orange Tree can add bolstering elegance to your home.

Throne Coffee Table
Throne Coffee Table

Pick colours that brighten up

The look and feel of your living room are highly influenced by the colour of your furnishing elements. Hence, colour should always fall in your consideration list whenever you think of getting yourself a stunning coffee table.

Whether you want to incorporate a pop-coloured table to increase the brightness of your room or add a classy wooden shade to render a lustrous elegance, either of them will do well to bring about a soigne charm to your interior. So, a creatively designed dark-shaded table like the Barcelona Coffee Table from Orange Tree will look absolutely attractive in your living room corner.

Barcelona Coffee Table
Barcelona Coffee Table


The appearance of your living room can be enhanced to a higher level of excellency by adding an astonishing range of furniture pieces. And coffee tables are one such type of furniture that are explicitly made to complete the look of your living room. So, when you buy coffee tables online, make sure to consider the tips mentioned above to create a breath-taking and appealing look in your interior.

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