How to Glam Up a Room Having No Windows with Lights?
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How to Glam Up a Room Having No Windows with Lights?

by Orange Tree 01 Apr 2021
How to Glam Up a Room Having No Windows with Lights? - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Brightening a room without windows can be a bit tricky as it's hard to do it naturally without the sun's rays. So, such rooms' lighting needs to be highly extraordinary and glamorous that can offer a quick glam-up to your room to kick-off the monotonous setting.

Bringing in a plush aural glow to your room can be quite challenging if you do not have the right decorative lamps in your home. Thus, it is essential to bring in the artistry of designer lights that can render a stylistic appeal to your home decor. So, here are a few tips on how you can glam your room that has no windows. Have a look.

Embrace Creativity with Ambient Lights

Ambient light sources can be the real game-changers for your room, having no windows. To add a touch of glow while balancing your room's luminosity, you should opt for lighting decoration near your walls. You can place a group of large candles on your corner table while accentuating it with classy table lamps online that can bring in a magnificent charm to your room.

Warm yellow lights can effortlessly give your room a chic look. So, placing stylish tea candles in creative tealight holders can light up your room gloriously. You can pick Kubra tealight holder and Marsa tealight holder from Orange Tree to create a very warm and dreamy ambience.

Light Up Your Walls and Ceilings

Do you know what can be a wonder for your room without windows? You can light up the walls and ceilings of the room as much as you want. Focusing on warm lighting for your walls and ceilings can make your room have a spacious feel. But are you wondering how to do so?

Well, you can easily do this by fixing a wall sconce or a stylish floor lamp near your wall. Infuse the walls with glowing light, along with a variety of fixtures to make your room look bigger. You can also team it up with central ceiling light with an artistic structure that easefully goes gorgeous with your home decors.

You can elevate the styling with a very quirky yet trendy metallic lighting fixture like the Flake Floor Lamp Blue by Orange Tree to bring a very minimalistic charm to your room.

Flake Floor Lamp Blue

Glam Up the Corners

The corners of your room play a crucial role in deciding the luminosity of your room. Add glamorous endeavour to each of the corners so that your room gets a very lustrous complement from each angle. You can opt for gorgeous crafty wall lamp pieces.

Also, you can add glamour with a very ostentatious decorative floor lamp in each corner to give more edge to your decor with elegant lighting cast to your room. Placing a simple yet artistic designer light like the Canna Floor Lamp Double in each of your corners can bring a very auspicious charm, uplifting the glamour of your room.

Canna Floor Lamp Double

Layer the Glow Up!

Layered lighting is always the champion when it comes to casting lighting embellishment to your dark room without windows. You can simply add as much lighting as you can to complement each of the corners and areas of your home.

While you are planning to have a fantastic charm, you can merely add cosy hanging lamps in a row to the middle area of your room. Also, you can pair up this lighting by adding table lamps online in specific areas of your room.

Besides, do not forget to add a unique charm to your room's corners with lavish wall lamps. The more lights you add closer to the corners, the more it will bring creativity to the room's outlook. Add embellished, large, and round wall lamps like the Louvre Wall Lamp Round by Orange Tree to give an extravagant and plush panache to your room while providing layered lighting with a classy touch.

Louvre Wall Lamp Round

Team Up Your Designer Lights with Mirrors

Mirrors are simply fantastic when it comes to creating a very cosy and luxurious room decoration for your home. All you can do is ditch the artworks and glam up your room with mirror decors. Also, don't forget to keep decorative lamps near the mirrors as their reflection will make your room appear bigger and better.

An ornamented wall mirror can also supply a soothing glare, which can brighten up your room's overall decoration in the best way. You can opt for a designer Marina Round Wall Mirror from Orange Tree to add a provocative charm to your room while teaming it up with crafty lighting fixtures.

Marina Round Wall Mirror

End Words

Yes, indeed, it is a bit tricky to usher the dedicated charm to your room that has no windows. But there is no need to worry when you have splendiferous lighting arrangements in your room that sprinkle magic to each corner and creates a pleasant and cosy mood.

Pair up gorgeous decorative lamps with embellished home decors to enjoy an aural glow at each of your corners and drench yourself in the beauty of lustrous lighting.

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