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How to Make a Dark Room Brighter with Lights?

by Orange Tree 01 Feb 2021
How to Make a Dark Room Brighter with Lights? - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Do you know that the decoration and lighting of a room can be highly impactful for our moods? Well yes, a dark room with unsuitable embellishments will make everything look somber and depressing. Though the ideal color shades and rightly positioned windows can make your room look bright, without adequate arrangements of lighting, the dullness remains intact.

Filling up rooms with regular lights are good for creating a basic and cliche surrounding, but decorating your dark rooms with a smart assortment of different varieties of lights is enough to give your interior a gorgeous makeover and luster. Often, stunning room decor is just a step away from you due to the lack of innovative ideas. So, here we provide you with some ideas on how to brighten up your dark room using home decor lamps. Let’s have a look.

Bring some Hanging Lights for Living Room

Hanging lights or pendant lights have gained much popularity in the field of home decor for their smart and bright performance. You can easily give some modern touch up to your living room with a set of crystal hanging lights having similar looks like that of a chandelier, paired with a pendant inspired chain. Crystals can create a fantastic reflection with a blend of soft yet bright light to make your living room look divine.

Besides, you can easily add some geometrical source of lighting to your room with an array of different geometrical-shaped designer lights arranged in groups. Also, adding a retro look to your living room with Netta Hanging Lamp won’t be a bad idea at all. Instead, it will create a dramatic yet gorgeous ambience while showing off your personality.

Netta Hanging lamp with walnut finish

Brighten Up the Corner of Your Study Room with Table Lamps

Nothing can be more excellent than the table lamps for those who want enough brightness in their room with minimalist styling. Study rooms especially require more luminosity than any other place. So, having a bright study table lamp in your study space is a must to enhance your learning environment.

study table lamp

Glow Up Your Rooms with Exquisite Floor Lamps

From the old days, floor lamps have been one of the classiest ways to brighten up the base level of your room with a focused and impactful glow. Adding some extra shine with this traditional lighting idea paired with a modern touch will undoubtedly bring out a divine look to your room.

A basic country style floor lamp just beside your bedding, with yellow lights, looks undoubtedly beautiful. You can easily create some impactful lighting at the corners of your room with boho designed lamps to create multiple bright coloring effects. Or, you can place a minimally designed modern floor lamp next to your couch, which will make your room appear modest yet stylish. Placing a simple country-styled antique floor lamp can be a classier approach to give your room a vintage outlook.

louvre floor lamp black and gold with filament bulb -Orange Tree

Let the Walls of Your Bedroom Glow Like Never Before

Your bedroom needs some smarty touch-ups to look great and give your mood a happy upliftment. A plethora of wall lamp is available to bring out a quick glowy look out of your dull dark room. With the bamboo-made Canna wall lamp, you can easily make your bedroom shine to achieve a simple yet stunning look.

You can consider having a wall-mounted swing-arm LED light just beside your bed to make your place look soothing and cozy. Also, it will offer you with excellent visibility to reduce your eye strains during bedtime reading.

Canna wall lamp

Create a Dreamy Ambiance with a Moroccan Lantern

Moroccan lanterns, along with their detailed decorations and colorful lights, look more than amazing. Whether you set it in your drawing room, near the staircase, or just above your tea table, it is going to give dreamy and colorful lighting anywhere. At the same time, the mild approach with adequate brightness brings out a modern and pretty look, which is undoubtedly going to invite enough praise from your guests.

Final Words

The decoration of your room talks a lot about your personality. Also, it complements your every mood to keep you cheered up all the time. With this handful of lighting ideas, you can easily give a brighter approach to your dark room and give your guests a valid excuse to visit your home every weekend. Besides, the decorative lamps are one of the cost-effective ideas to make your room look great while enhancing its brightness.

So, when are you going to light up your dark room?

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