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Pick New Bedside Table Designs from Orange Tree

by Orange Tree 24 Sep 2022
Pick New Bedside Table Designs from Orange Tree - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Are you looking for new bedside table designs for your bedroom decor, look no further than Orange Tree! We have a wide collection of modern designs that will suit any room's décor. Our collection includes everything from rustic wood tables to sleek designed models with bedside tables with storage drawers. We offer wide designs so you can get exactly what you want for your bedroom decor.

Things to consider before choosing New Bedside table designs for your bedroom

Bedside tables come in many designs & materials. The design of your bed & bedroom can also influence the selection process: if you want a minimalist look, then choose a simple design; if you prefer something more decorative, then go for something more elaborate like a creatively designed patterned bedside table. You'll find that some people prefer a combination of both styles depending on their bed designs or current decorating trends within their home décor. here are the top bedside table designs from Orange tree

Bunka Bedside Table

Bunka Bedside Table design

The Bunka Bedside Table is made of Solid Acacia Wood and finished with a natural finish. The concentric white circles are laser cut in a wooden drawer, giving this piece the look of an antique design.

Mazi Bedside Table

Mazi Bedside Table design

Add subtle sophistication to your bedroom with this Mazi Bedside table. Made of solid Acacia Wood, this piece features a natural finish on wood with cement inlay blocks on the drawer and a gold finish on metal legs that create a custom look.

Milan Bedside Table

Milan Bedside Table design

Bring a touch of style to your bedroom with this Milan bedside table. Made of wood, this bedside table is adorned with brass and wood block patterns. The drawer and shelf add storage space for all of your treasures.

Raas Bedside Table

Raas Bedside Table design

Raas Bedside Table is a combination of Mango, and Teak Wood. Mango and teak Wood look stunning together and have been combined to create a unique outlook. The table has a two-tone finish adding elegance to bedroom.

Kyoto Bedside Table

Kyoto Bedside Table

Kyoto bedside table with a drawer is designed using a woven cane. This material gives it a modern and elegant appearance. The fine finishing of the natural finish on the acacia wood makes this piece add extra value to your bedroom.

Dado Bedside Table

Dado Bedside Table

This elegant Dado Bedside table, designed in a stylish autumn brown finish, is made of Sheesham wood. The precisely cut patterns are formed using the grains of Sheesham wood and make for a delightful combination on the drawer. The symmetry thus formed is achieved with meticulous precision, making this product not only functional but also attractive to look at.

Metric Bedside Table

Metric Bedside Table

A minimalist design that brings style to your bedroom, this bedside table makes a statement with its avant-garde geometry. Its modern design is sure to catch the eye of guests. The bedside drawer can keep essentials close at hand while the two side drawers offer enough space for magazines, TV remote controls and other small items.

Yoho Bedside Table

Yoho Bedside Table

In a chic and sophisticated style, the Yoho Bed Side Table is a must-have for your bedroom. Handcrafted in Acacia wood and metal, this piece features a black powder coating on its metal frame, providing durability while accenting the natural beauty of the piece.

Toshi Bedside Table

Toshi Bedside Table

The Toshi Wood Bedside Table serves as a lovely accent piece to the bedroom. It is made from acacia wood and has a natural finish on the wood, or gold powder coating on the metal legs. The beautiful wood cement inlay patterns on drawers add depth and character to your bedroom.


Thank you for exploring our blog! We hope you found the bedside table designs you were looking for in our selection of new solid wood bedside tables. If not, we encourage you to continue exploring our site and finding new furniture that fits your style and needs.

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