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The best way to warm up your home this winter

by Orange Tree 01 Mar 2021
The best way to warm up your home this winter - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Winter has finally started to approach. It is that time of the year, which makes us want to stay in our enticing homes while drinking hot chocolate beside a fireplace. Your home is supposed to be warm and comforting during this time. Why not revamp your favorite place in the world? It is the one thing you can customize and delight yourself; although more than often attractive looking spaces are costly and have high maintenance.

Out of the several factors which come into play when it comes to turning a house into a home, one of the cheaper yet incredible options is illumination. Too much of it is irritating, and too little causes strain. A perfect level of luminescence will raise the temperature of your house and would, at the same time, make your place look more alluring. All you require is a little insight about making lights work. It will give your place a whole new vibe.

Lights may initially seem like a trivial luxury, but they are a necessity. Something as small as festive lights instantly makes us happy. They are elements contributing to aesthetically pleasing surroundings. The room appears lively due to them. Coming home to a dimly lit space makes us feel drained and lonely, sometimes even scared. These illuminating devices can affect our emotions strongly. Positioning home decoration lights in the right places is the key. Let us look at how different types of illuminating ornaments can transform a given space.

Hanging Lamps

Work from home has become a norm since this year. For most people, “home” was not a place for meetings, professionalism, and deadlines until now. We want our workplace to look decluttered and neat and, at the same time, keep us warm during these winters. Shades of grey, beige, and brown make any space look smart. Selecting the right kind of illumination for your office increases your productivity and reduces stress. Minimalist ornaments such as a hanging lamp and table lamp make places appear immaculate and orderly.

Hanging lamps are incorporated into various settings, depending on their appearance. These decorative lamps can liven up your office, dining area, living rooms, and even outdoors. For example, the Gris Hanging lamp with the grey sand-blasted texture is a perfect choice to lighten up office setups. Grey shades also contrast with several colors. Choose the right shade of these hanging lights for the living room, and it will immediately look more inviting. You can also suspend them from a tree to illuminate the outdoors of your house.

Gris Hanging Lamp

Wall Lamps

Another decorative piece that will revamp your living room is a wall lamp. These are possibly one of the most versatile home décor ornaments as they are installed everywhere. They are commonly used to highlight a specific area – for example, a painting. Wall lamps also provide a decorative accent to mundane spaces, for example, staircases. They emit a perfect level of illumination to have late-night conversations in the bedroom. Indeed it makes this item a perfect way to warm up your home while giving it a perfect look this winter.

These stunning wall lamps can be used outdoors as well. Dusky verandas may feel unsafe and creepy at night, especially in the suburbs. Illuminating them with wall lamps and hanging lamps takes away the uneasiness. These designer lights are available in all shapes and sizes, ranging from minimalist to showy appeals. You can choose one depending on the look you are aiming for. The Scandinavian style, Mallawi lamp, adds texture to bare surroundings. Shaped like a jellyfish, its golden and off-white makeup offers a fancy, vintage look. The unique shape makes a bold statement and adds oomph to the setting. Other kinds are more modernish, ideal for work setups, especially when combined with the right table lamps.

Mallawi Wall Lamp

Table Lamps

Table lamps are traditionally used for studying and working without causing disturbance to others. Commonly known are ones that project light directly onto your material. They mostly have adjustable neck. Some people are uncomfortable with such a direct focus. Place the study table lamp away from you in such cases. You can also opt for one with a filter between the light source and your material, something resembling a lantern. These luminous orbs and cylinders have always been captivating to people. They carry a mystical vibe. The delicate light radiated by them is associated with cosiness and comfort.

Other than workstations, you can plant them beside your bed. Similar to wall lamps, the partially enclosed Study Table Light glows with mellow luminescence. Table lamps are available in a range of colors and shapes, including designs inspired by flora and fauna. Your choice depends on your vision. Add a romantic vibe using a lamp with heart motifs, a geeky addition with a spaceship inspired lamp, or a classic, chic statement with the Alden table lamp. Remember that the color of your table lamps influences their brightness – light colors allow for more luminosity.


The central aspect of any lightening ornament is to provide the perfect amount of visibility without any glare. The interaction of your new lamp and preinstalled lights should be the priority when shopping for a lamp. Once that is figured out, you can play around with different aesthetics.

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