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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Sofa Color for Your Living Room

by Orange Tree 27 Mar 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Sofa Color for Your Living Room - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Any living room is incomplete without the accommodation of a sofa. Being one of the essential items that add depth to your room's space, you need to pay some serious attention to the kind of sofa you'll choose to grace your living room with.

Apart from the size, quality, and material of the sofa, its colour is an integral factor to consider when designing your interior space. So, here's a detailed guide to help you with your sofa online shopping session and make the right choice.

Top 3 Tips to Choose the Best Sofa Color for Your Living Room

The colour of the sofa is as important as the piece of furniture itself. If the sofa colour fails to complement your living room, the entire space ends up looking bland.

Colour creates a lot of difference in interior design. It holds a powerful influence on the overall visual perception and outlook of a room. But, since colour trends are constantly changing, choosing a colour for your sofa may baffle you a bit. So, to ease this selection, we've got some handy tips for you. Check them out!

Role of the Sofa

When planning to buy sofa set online, consider the role it will play in your living room. Is it the centre of attraction, or does it complement other elements present in the room? If it's the former, choose a sofa colour that contrasts nicely with the wall colour.

However, if it is the latter, choose a sofa colour that matches your room's wall colour perfectly. For example, if your living room's wall is painted with a light green shade, the dark green Dado Sofa Collection by Orange Tree would perfectly contrast the wall and draw your guests' attention.

Dado Sofa Collection

The flooring of the Living Room

The next factor you should consider is your living room's flooring. A light-coloured flooring can develop chemistry and blend well with almost any sofa shade. However, on the flip side, a darker flooring can synchronize well with a sofa of any shade but accompanied by wooden elements.

For such type of flooring, the Metric Sofa Collection from Orange Tree crafted with the goodness of ethical labour and fair trade is the best wooden sofa set online to opt for. This combination is all about adding aestheticism and artistry to your living space.

Metric Sofa Collection

Size of the Living Room

Choosing a sofa colour without considering your living room's spatial dimensions while looking to buy sofa online is not a wise idea. Unless you consider the size, you will not be able to determine whether the sofa colour you are choosing will produce positive results or not.

A small living room benefits from a sofa having a lighter shade like Orange Tree’s Emperor Sofa Collection. It can make the room appear spacious and airy. However, if you have a larger living room, you can enjoy the overflow of colourful options.

Emperor Sofa Collection

What kind of sofa should I choose to add an artistic vibe to my living room?

The Sofa you decide as living room furniture can change the space's entire look. So, to render an artistic impression, opt for sustainably sourced sofa sets that feature minimalism and magnetism. Add a splash of uniqueness to your room by choosing a sofa with a distinct shade like the Barcelona Sofa Collection from Orange Tree.

Barcelona Sofa Collection

Is the brown living room sofa outdated?

Brown sofas have been the common choice of every household’s living room for decades. But as the modern world leans more towards minimalism, brown sofas may not appear to be a fresh or modernistic choice. However, it's not just about the colour. A brown sofa with a modish composition like the Bicasso Sofa Collection from Orange Tree can easily blend classic and contemporary essence into your space.

Bicasso Sofa Collection

Final Thoughts

Well, when you opt for sofa online shopping, you will be greeted with a plethora of choices. The introduction of various sofa shades can easily overwhelm you and leave you feeling unsure of the best set that can accentuate your interior space. Thus, you can consider the above recommendations and avoid this hassle, enjoying an effortless shopping session.

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