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Top 5 Modern Wall Mirrors that Make an Aesthetic Statement

by Orange Tree 28 Dec 2021
Top 5 Modern Wall Mirrors that Make an Aesthetic Statement - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Who doesn’t like a beautiful mirror hanging on the walls of a room? Decorative wall mirrors are an incredible home decor item that can add utmost elegance and a chic style to your room. These statement pieces can easily create the illusion of a larger space while glowing up the dark corners of your home and invigorating an aesthetic touch to your home decor range. Thus, utilizing a statement wall mirror is a good choice if you’re confused about what to do with a void dull space or corner.

Modern mirrors are whimsical and fun and can amplify the character and functionality of a space. It's just a matter of discovering the right style and size of these mirrors that suit your space requirements well. So, for your convenience, here are the top 5 trending modern wall mirrors that can be an artistic statement for your home.

Elegant Accent Circle Mirrors

Circular accent mirrors can easily capture light and reflect it uniformly all around your room. Thoughtfully manufactured to serve as a functional home accessory and art piece, this decorative large wall mirror is ideal for any space.

You can install them in your living room, study room, or hallway, wherever there is not enough radiance. So, if you want to amplify the glory of your rooms with designer mirrors for walls, opt for the Klimt Cane Mirror from Orange Tree. Inspired by impressionism which dwells on the philosophy of reflection without relying on realism. This collection celebrates the synthesis of natural beauty with a finely woven cane on an abstract metal frame

Aesthetic Framed Mirrors

Liven up your bathroom or bedroom with decorative framed wall mirrors. The embellishments present on the frames of these mirrors give your space an added aesthetic appeal. Also, being circumscribed with solid frames, these mirrors are studier and more durable. However, make sure that the frame doesn’t block the reflective surface of the mirror.

So, are you thinking of getting a sturdy decorative bedroom wall mirror? If yes, then nothing can be better than the Ipiano Mirrorfrom Orange Tree. Resembling the shape of piano keys, this sleek framed mirror comes with a royal antique finish, which serves as a classy highlight for your space.

Cool Hexagonal Mirrors

Geometrical-shaped decor items have been in the trend for quite a few years. If you like adorning your home with such geometric cut statement pieces, a hexagon mirror would be an excellent choice for you. They look incredible in contemporary interiors, including high-tech and Scandinavian styles.

Usually, hexagon wall mirrors comprise a single large unit, such as the Hexago Wall Mirror from Orange Tree. But at times, it can be a mirror, including many tiny hexagons associated with the primary unit. So, depending upon the space you have on your wall, opt for a suitable hexagonal decorative wall mirror that would perfectly radiate light in all directions without looking clumsy on the wall.

Classic Rectangular Mirrors

Installing large rectangular mirrors above the bed is a popular practice in bedroom decor design. Owing to their large reflective surface area, these mirrors perfectly reflect the natural light throughout your entire bedroom. So, you can easily experience a clear reflection with these designer mirrors for walls.

Though they are pretty mainstream, these rectangular wall mirrors look classy and are highly functional. So, if you are looking for a minimalist mirror, Himba Rectangular Mirror from Orange Tree can be a bold statement piece for bold spaces.

Fancy Designer Mirrors

Functional and pretty fancy mirrors are a great addition to any space. Not only do they accentuate your walls with contemporary beauty, but they also create an illusion of more space and depth that brightens up gloomy corners. So, whether you intend to amplify the panache of your living room or want to enliven a pale dull wall, fancy mirrors would be a great solution.

If you prefer adding eco-friendly home decor items, opt for a fancy bedroom wall mirror made of natural and organic materials. In this regard, the Zulu Leaf Weave Mirror from Orange Tree must deserve special mention. Handcrafted using cane material, this decor option is a highly sustainable choice.

Standing Mirrors
Standing mirrors offer a range of benefits that make them a valuable addition to any space. Firstly, they provide individuals with a complete reflection of themselves, from head to toe, allowing for a comprehensive view of their appearance. This is particularly useful when checking outfits, grooming, or styling choices.

Secondly, standing mirrors have the ability to create the illusion of more space and depth in a room. By strategically placing a mirror, one can make a small area appear larger and brighter, as it reflects light and creates the perception of additional square footage. With various styles, sizes, and frames available, they can complement the interior design and bring elegance or personal flair to the space. 

Wrap up

Contemporary statement mirrors are spectacular home decor items to generate the vision of a spacious, well-lit room. Whether you pick an oversized mirror, ideal for rendering a dramatic effect or combine an assortment of tinier designs, mirrors are an attractive way to equalize a scheme and draw the interest of your guests to the walls.

So, you can opt for any of these modern decorative wall mirrors mentioned above to brighten up your space and invigorate an aesthetic accentuation to your home.

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