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Top 6 Lighting Tips to Add a Lively Charm to Your Dining Room

by Orange Tree 21 Aug 2021
Top 6 Lighting Tips to Add a Lively Charm to Your Dining Room - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Are you bored with the monotonous family dinner every night? Well, then why not spice it up! Wait, we are not talking about your food recipe. Spice up the lighting set-up of your dining room to invigorate the place with a plush aura to create an ambience that soothes your eyes and mind. Do you know how vital it is to have gorgeous home décor lamps in your dining room?

Well, it can give your dining room a wholesome makeover to flatter the decor and furnishing of the room in a very sumptuous way. The right lighting can make every dinner of yours magical! Also, give your guests an excuse to come back repeatedly to have a joyous dinner at your home.

So, here is how using various decorative lamps, you can light up your dining room to achieve a splendid aura.

Embrace a Large Hanging Light to Complement Your Small Dining Room

Are you confused about which designer light will be a perfect suit for your small dining room decor? The light needs to align properly with the scale of your dining table.

What about giving your room a very spacious feel? Well, exactly this is what a sizeable pendant light is going to render to your small dining room. In the central area, place a hanging lamp with a bigger radius to let it add flamboyance to the aesthetic attribute of your dining room. You can add the Klimt Hanging Lamp to brighten up your dining room with absolute classiness.

Base the Lighting Arrangements Near the Table to Glorify the Charm

To elevate the overall charm while paying more attention to in-depth lighting near your dining tables, you can choose to base the lighting fixtures around the tables. It is the most innovative way to light up your room if you feel the old lighting set-up is cliche and boring.

You can also put up a series of pendant designer lights hanging at a low around the tables. Keeping the fixtures one or two feet above the table will be sufficient to create a gorgeous in-depth lighting charm. It rightly lets you create unique lighting, making your dinner a romantic one. You can bring in the Prerit Hanging Lamp by Orange Tree to accentuate the glow around your table.

Use Odd Numbers of Designer Lights to Shine Your Place

It’s always intriguing and tempting to go odd and trendy when it comes to lighting up your space. Do you have a very spacious and rectangular dining room? Then, go odd with the number of pendant lights used for your dining room.

Pick large and long lamps or a series of hanging lamps to complement lighting with your dining room's outlook and usher an extensive magnificence. In case you have a long table, then merely opt for a row of lighting with three or five similar-looking hanging lamps to beautify the dining room. You can go for the Empire Conical Hanging Lamp from Orange Tree to create a gorgeous series of odd numbers above your table.

Get a Dimmer to Create Mood Lighting

Nothing can be more exclusive and pleasant than controlling the mood lighting of your room. If you wish to use your dining room for multiple purposes, it is better to use a dimmer to control the designer lights' glow to accentuate your mood lighting in the best way.

Your dinner night is going to get a brilliant, sophisticated charm when you use a dimmer to create a low-intensity warm light setting. So, using a dimmer can give the ambience an ecstatic panache every time you want to enjoy a romantic dinner.

Go a Bit Unique!

It's not at all a bad idea to glam up your dining room while going a bit unique with an irregular piece of light. Whether it is Arch Drum Hanging Lamp by Orange Tree or a Kaya Oval Hanging Lamp, the warm and colourful lighting can invigorate vibrance in your room while adding a gorgeous glamour to the overall glow of the room.

You can also pick a home décor lamp constructed of colourful glass roundels or one that has a unique yet durable shape to bring in splendiferous decors to your room.

What About Some Layered Lighting Glow?

Layered lighting is quite trendy and adds a rejuvenating glamour to a dining room. The glaring light with a layering of two types of lighting fixtures can bring forth vibrance and a shimmery glow to the room, setting your mood the right way.

Incorporating multiple light sources like wall lamps and table lamps to complement your hanging lamps not only makes your entire dining room look stunning but also renders you with a cheerful mood. For a unique look, you can try out the Marina Triangle Hanging Lamp from Orange Tree, which, along with its extensively creative structure, can give a beautiful illuminance to your dining area.


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