Reasons To Prioritise Lighting for Your 2024 Interior Design Plans
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Reasons To Prioritise Lighting for Your 2024 Interior Design Plans

by Orange Tree 27 Jan 2022
Reasons To Prioritise Lighting for Your 2023 Interior Design Plans - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

A new year gives birth to new plans. So, before you enter 2024, you may already plan things in your head, and one of them is to rekindle your inner interior designer. Your social media may be filled with bedroom and living room decor ideas, but lo and behold! So, before you clone these drool-worthy Instagram posts, here’s a wake-up call – getting inspiration is a thing but recreating it might not be the best idea.

Thus, the first thing you should emphasise while designing your home is proper lighting. You can decorate your home with the most exclusive and expensive art pieces or furnish it with high-quality furniture sets, but it is all futile if there are no decorative lights to glam it up. In short, nothing beats good lighting! So, here, in this article, we will highlight the reasons why lighting should be a priority for your 2024 interior design plans.

Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

Good lighting plays a crucial role in making your interior design plans successful and effective. So, the following are the significances of having proper lighting fixtures installed at home.

Sets the Vibe

These days, people like to learn about the ambience of a restaurant before they visit one. You might be one of those people too. So, if you love ambient places, you cannot rule out making your home ambient.

If you dig a cosy vibe or love places that remind you of a tropical and exotic vacation, why not bring these vibes to your home with proper lights. Lighting can make your home instantly ambient and dramatic. For instance, you can opt for the Kyoto Drum Floor Lamp from Orange Tree to emanate soft light in the entire room and spread homely vibes.

Kyoto Drum Floor Lamp

Sets The Tone

You can use different light fixtures to set the tone of your interior space. Using dark lighting makes your room appear smaller. Also, the colour of your room can be added or subtracted based on the type of lighting you use. Hence, combining colours and lighting can help you achieve the desired look for your home.

If you have decorated your home with various pleasing artworks, intricate furniture sets, wallpapers, and more, using hanging lights for living room can be a great way to drive attention towards these items. The Hera Pendant Hanging Lamp crafted by Orange Tree is a good choice for drawing attention to the decor pieces of your home. Also, the lamp adds an exquisite essence to your living space.

Hera Pendant Hanging Lamp

Renders Functionality

Without electricity, this world would be enveloped in darkness. Fortunately, the earth had the privileged presence of obtaining the luxury of electricity and moderating the world's darkness. It is an even greater fortune that the electrical domain has gone through numerous advancements over the years, owing to which, you don't need to sacrifice the beauty of your interior space by hanging only a tiny bulb.

The primary purpose of lighting is to illuminate your inner space, but its functionality has been extended these days. You can now install modern lighting fixtures like the Aphro Hanging Lamp from Orange Tree in your living space to illuminate your surroundings and add functionality to your home. Besides, such lights can also be used as home decoration lights to bump up the allure of your interior.

Aphro Hanging Lamp

Highlights Decorative Pieces

You will be surprised by the difference lighting brings to your home. You may have adorned your home with designer art pieces and other decoration items, but it's pointless if it is not visible. So, you need to focus on these important areas of your interior space. And it is only possible if you have good designer lights in your home.

A lighting fixture that radiates soft light can easily amp up your interior space’s style factor while accentuating your home decor items. And for doing so, the Oman Wall Lamp from Orange Tree would be the ideal choice. Thus, without proper lighting, you will not get an insight into how your interior space will appear.

Keshi Wall Lamp

Enhances Your Interior’s Look

Every year, new designs keep emerging in the sphere of interior decoration. You can take inspiration from various sources, but none can be as valuable as good lighting. If your home has good lighting, rest assured, everything will fall into place, and your home will automatically appear vibrant and brighter.

Home decor lamps can effortlessly enhance your interior's look by making it appear chic and classy. These lamps have a voguish and classic essence, which add a mix of modernistic and timeless feel to your home. So, in this regard, the Mallawi Black Floor Lamp by Orange Tree is a great piece you can decorate and illuminate your home with.

Mallawi Black Floor Lamp

What type of lighting suits living rooms the best?

Well, now that you already know the importance of lighting in interior design, you must be wondering what type of light would be ideal for your living room. Well, the kind of lighting you must install in your living room depends on the type of vibe you want to set.

If you want a cosy feel, choosing warm lighting is recommended. On the other hand, choosing cool lighting would be better if you want a summery feel. Living rooms can also accommodate chandeliers, lanterns, and wall lamps. So, you might want to consider these choices as well. The Kubra Tealight Holder by Orange Tree is a unique lantern you can add to your living room to enhance the aura of your home.

Kubra Tealight Holder

How to choose a wall light for the living room?

When buying wall lights, you must keep in mind that the light colour should be in accordance with your room’s wall colour so that the two can be in proper harmony. When the lighting complements your wall colour, your decorative items can shine out better. Also, keep the design of the wall lamp in mind.

Finally, choose one that looks unique and elegant, like the Eros White Wall Lamp from Orange Tree.

Eros White Wall Lamp

Wrap Up

Lighting allows you to experiment with a lot of colours. Whether adding decorative lights or plain lights to your home, your interior design plans are always incomplete without proper lighting. So, if you prepare the to-do list for your interior design in 2024, do not forget to include good lighting.

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