King Size Beds

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The king-size bed comes in bigger sizes than the queen-size beds, The dimensions of a king-size bed are 188 L x 210 W x 112 H cm. which also provides more space, allowing you to move around easily. They're perfect for couples who want to fit all their furniture in one room but still have plenty of space to move around.

With thousands of options in styles, materials, and designs, you are sure to find the perfect Solid Wood King Size Bed for your Bedroom at Orange Tree.

Explore Unique Design King Size Beds at Orange Tree

Our king-size beds are designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort. We offer our beds in Acacia wood and Sheesham wood, which are both durable and strong that will last for years.

The king-size beds from Orange Tree have been designed keeping in mind the needs of our customers who want luxury at their best but also want something that looks elegant and classy at the same time! Our beds are made using only premium quality materials so that you can enjoy every minute you spend in your bedroom.

Types of king-size beds in Orange Tree?

King Size Bed Without Storage

If you're looking for something simple and straightforward, then this type of king-size bed might be right up your alley! These types of beds are perfect if you don't need extra storage space but still want something comfortable and functional.

Hydraulic King Size Beds

The King Size Beds with Hydraulic Storage are one of the most luxurious bed offerings from Orange Tree, and it's no wonder why: it's a bed that can be elevated to any height you need, so you can easily get in and out of it without having to bend your legs or knees. It also has storage for your blankets and pillows—or whatever else you need to store in a king-size bed

King Size Bed with Drawer

A king-size bed with a drawer is perfect for those who want to maximize their storage space without sacrificing comfort. These beds come equipped with large storage space underneath the mattress that can be used to store things like blankets or sheets, 

If you like having lots of extra storage space under your bed, then a king-size bed with drawers is a great option. You'll be able to store your clothes and other items without taking up space in other parts of your home. 

Things to Consider When Buying king size bed Online

Types of Wood Used in Making Bed

We only use solid wood for our beds, so we can ensure that every part of your new bedroom furniture is made with care and precision. We offer a variety of unique designs for our beds so that you can find something that fits your personality and style perfectly.

Space Available in the Bedroom

If you have limited space in your bedroom and are looking for a king-size bed, then the best option would be one with storage. This way you can store your clothes and other items in drawers or cabinets under the bed frame so that they don't take up too much space in your room!

Style and Material

The style of the bed will depend on what type of furniture you have in your bedroom. You can choose from styles such as traditional, modern, or contemporary depending on what kind of furniture you already have in your bedroom! You'll also want to make sure that any new furniture matches any existing pieces that may already be present within your personal space!

We offer a variety of bedside tables, including a bedside table with drawers and a chest of drawers that match our king-size beds.