Follow 5 Easy Steps to Make a Cosy Bedroom
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Follow 5 Easy Steps to Make a Cosy Bedroom

by Orange Tree 18 Dec 2021
Follow 5 Easy Steps to Make a Cosy Bedroom - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

There is nothing more important than having a comfortable bedroom in your home where you can feel warm and safe, isolated from all the chaos of the world. Bedrooms are like cocoons that offer quality hibernation and utmost relaxation, giving mental peace for a better living. So, it's worth adding some wooden bedroom furniture pieces to make your inner sanctum a warm, cosy, and restful space to retreat.

Whether you are thinking of creating an area where you can watch TV, read books, get a better night's sleep, or just snuggle up peacefully, no place is better to do these things than a warm and comfy bedroom. So, here are the 5 steps to follow if you want to find yourself in a cosy bedroom.

Cosy up the bed to enhance your comfort level

The bed is the best part of any bedroom. However, you must opt for the right-sized bed to complement it perfectly with your bedroom space. If you have a large room, it’s suggested to go for king size beds. On the contrary, if your room dimensions are moderate, install a queen size bed like the Paolo Queen Bed from Orange Tree.

Now, to keep yourself warmer and enhance your comfortability, you can place soft mushy blankets underneath the bed's comforter. Moreover, you can add pillows and fuzzy throw blankets for a pleasant feel and cosy look of the bed you would love to sink into. In case you want extra warmth, consider utilizing a heated mattress pad or flannel sheets.

Add a woody touch to your bedroom to infuse warmth

Whether your bedroom is oversize or tiny, adding a touch of wood to the room's walls would be an ideal way to invigorate a natural sense of warmth and classic beauty. It can be as intrinsic as limited oak panelling or as simple as a board cladding.

Besides, you can also incorporate wood accents and furnishings to the space to generate that sense of cosiness. So, in this case, you can opt for the Bicasso Chest of Drawer from Orange Tree made of Sheesham wood with an American walnut finish. Such wooden cabinet drawers will not only enhance the look of your room but also organize the bedroom space optimally.

Invigorate aestheticism with a reading nook or second seating area

Do you have a large bedroom? If yes, then even after equipping a primary seating arrangement, there must be an unusual corner left unfilled, right! But worry no more! By buying bedroom furniture online and giving extra effort into this unused space, you can transform it into a secondary seating area and make it your favourite hangout place. So, are you wondering how?

If you are a novel lover, equip a single fabulous armchair and form a mini-library with floor-to-ceiling shelves. On the other hand, if you want to make it a small gossiping area, set up a window chair, along with a pair of slipper seats and a small coffee table. For the latter case Paolo Chair from Orange Tree would be a perfect inclusion to opt for.

Incorporate bedside tables to make your bedroom look more ornamental

Bedside tables have lately developed as a functional furniture piece with redefined purpose and identity going beyond a mere home decor item to bring forth an aesthetic ambience. It serves to be a landing pad for your early morning and night-time necessities. Right from the alarm clock to your mobile phone, from a water bottle to medicines, from the table lamp to indoor plants, a wooden bedside table is capable of holding all items, oozing with a unique personality.

So, get a bedroom side table today if you want to make the best use of its functionality while adding a charm to your entire room. The Ipiano Bedside Table from Orange Tree will be an exquisite choice for your bedroom.

Embellish your bedroom with a dresser to flaunt your beauty

Last but not least, your bedroom will remain incomplete without a makeup dresser table. To add a vintage touch to your bedroom and make it cosier, it is essential to incorporate a stylish dresser that flawlessly complements the decor range. You can easily place them next to your bed as a nightstand substitute.

Nevertheless, dressers are very versatile and multi-functional. Most of them come with a mirror, a broader tabletop area, and in-built drawers for easy space organization and multi-faceted uses. So, accentuate the extraordinary delight of your cosy bedroom with a simple yet functional dressing table like the Metric Dresser from Orange Tree.

Final thoughts

Well, when it comes to being cosy at home, preferences vary. Thus, you must invest more time and effort while planning to make a comfy bedroom.

However, you can easily follow these 5 basic steps to start with renovating your bedroom and transforming it into a cosier one. Henceforth, based on your choices, you can keep adding more wooden bedroom furniture sets into the room, leveraging the overall beauty and glamour of your home.

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