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5 Most Helpful Tips for Sustainable Lighting

by Orange Tree 14 Jan 2022
5 Most Helpful Tips for Sustainable Lighting - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

When planning your home's interior design, lighting is essential. They are crucial for illuminating your home from darkness to perform various tasks at peace of mind. But some lights consume a lot of electricity, which is not good for mother earth. Therefore, if you are concerned about ecological well-being, it is time to switch to sustainable home decoration lights so that you can enjoy the luxury of electricity in your home without sacrificing the well-being of the environment.

The importance of good and sustainable lighting is increasing every year. High-quality designer lights have the potential to add depth and liveliness to your home. But you also need to ensure that they do not consume a lot of electricity. Thus, proper and sustainable lighting can make your home look more spacious and highlight the most exquisite and intrinsic spaces without conserving much energy. Here in this article, we will share 5 practical tips for sustainable lighting.

Significance of Sustainable Lighting

Here are some reasons why sustainable lighting is becoming increasingly important and why you should make the switch.

  • Sustainable lighting fixtures like LED lights consume less energy and power. So, this causes a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases and generates less stress on power plants.
  • Using lights containing chemicals can be harmful to the environment. Hence, switching to designer lights that prioritise the well-being of mother nature by eliminating the usage of toxic substances is recommended, as it produces less waste.
  • You can easily install sustainable LED lights in any space of your home, allowing you to attribute light to your home in an efficient manner.

Thus, switching to sustainable lighting can help your light set-ups have enhanced durability, enabling you to use them for a longer time. Also, using eco-friendly lights is always better in all aspects.

5 Helpful Sustainable Lighting Tips

If you plan to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you should switch to sustainable lighting.

Here are some handy tips you can follow to implement sustainable lighting in your home while promoting the betterment of the environment.

Switch to Lamps

Start using lamps more often. For example, instead of illuminating the entire room with a tube light, you can use a lamp to light up the specific corner you are working in. In this way, you can avoid the overuse of electricity and save a lot of energy.

Thus, the Rhombus Table Lamp Black from Orange Tree is a good choice of home decor lamps to switch to sustainable lighting.

Rhombus Table Lamp

Opt for Wall Lamps

Wall lamps, like the Calathus Wall Lamp by Orange Tree, are a great alternative to ceiling lights. Moreover, they can easily light up the spaces you often use so that you don't have to waste energy in illuminating other unused areas.

Calathus Wall Lamp

These lights not only help you produce less electric waste but also add an elegant and stylish touch to your room.

Install Floor Lamps

Fixing lights on your room's floor increase lighting efficiency to a great extent. Floor lamps look stylish and enhance light flow while consuming less energy.

Gatsby Floor Lamp

Thus, installing lamps like the Gatsby Floor Lamp from Orange Tree can significantly add to your sustainable lighting plans.

Use Lanterns

Since time immemorial, lanterns have been a great way to illuminate your path. You can take it wherever you go and light up all the corners you use.

These days, lanterns come in various styles and designs like the Luxor Tealight Holder Medium by Orange Tree. Since it is portable, you can reserve illumination to specific areas and reduce unnecessary electricity consumption.

Choose Wise Wall Paint Colors

Every interior designer will tell you that complementing your lighting with your wall colour is essential. It is so because the wall paint can make your interior appear spacious or cramped.

Therefore, choose cool and light paint colours and small lighting that occupies lesser space, like the Freedom Tall Green Hanging Lamp by Orange Tree. Such home decoration lights will spread radiance around the room better.

What are some energy-efficient options for switching to sustainable lighting?

Using wall lamps like the Louvre Wall Lamp Round by Orange Tree is a great option to incorporate sustainable lighting in your home. They use less electricity yet add a contemporary ambience to your interior decor.

These lamps also allow you to easily throw light on areas you are currently using while adding a style quotient to your home. Hence, you get the best of both worlds by opting for wall lamps.

Which is better - floor lamps or hanging lights?

Floor lamps can allow you to have a better flow of light while hanging lights are suitable for throwing light on specific areas. Both these lights have their own functionality.

So, when you want better attribution of light, floor lamps online like the Wave Floor Lamp from Orange Tree are better. On the contrary, hanging lights are more suitable for illuminating specific spaces and making your home interior look more stylish.

Final Thoughts

To wind up, switching to sustainable lighting is a great idea. It is a healthy choice for you and the environment. Using home decoration lights that consider the safety and welfare of nature is a great alternative and incredible innovation. And in this way, you can even do your bit for ensuring the planet's well-being.

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