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Top 9 Unique Wooden Bed Designs Choose from Orange Tree

by Orange Tree 09 Nov 2022
Top 9 Unique Wooden Bed Designs Choose from Orange Tree - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Our collection of unique wooden beds combines modern design with traditional elements, and our beds are sure to make a statement in your bedroom. Choose from our collection of beds that feature luxurious materials like acacia, Sheesham, and teak wood. You can even try out different headboard designs with a customized option.

Why choose Orange tree for buying a wooden bed

Our line of beds is hand-crafted from solid wood and materials like Sheesham, teak, acacia, and cane, which gives them the look and feel of a piece of art. You can choose from our wide range of styles—from the classic to the modern—and we'll work with you to make sure that your bed is just right for your bedroom space.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wooden Beds Designs

The first step in choosing an ideal bed design is to consider what kind of bed you want. For instance, whether you want to bed with hydraulic storage or a bed without storage. It's all about your personal preference here so make sure that whatever option suits you best!

When it comes down to it, there isn't one perfect way for everyone when it comes to choosing their wooden bed designs so just take your time and pick something that feels right for your bedroom decor.

Navah Queen Bed Teak Wood (With Poster)

Navah Queen Bed Teak Wood (With Poster) unique design

The Navah Queen Bed is the ultimate statement piece for any bedroom. With its solid teak wood frame and upholstery, this bed has a classic look that you will love to wake up to every morning. This bed Features Solid teak wood and upholstery with a natural finish on wood and a gold finish on Metal

Toshi Queen Bed Without Storage

Toshi Queen size wooden Bed Without Storage

If you want to embrace your inner master bedroom with style and elegance, then this beautiful Toshi Queen Bed Without Storage is a great choice for you. Made of solid Acacia Wood and a gray upholstery fabric headboard, this high-quality furniture will make your queen bed stand out from other picturesque beds.

Kites King Bed Without Storage

Kites King wooden Bed Without Storage

This Kites King Bed Without Storage is a beautiful addition to any bedroom, with its brown finish on wood and black finish on iron legs. With the plank texture on the wooden headboard, this bed will add elegance to your home.

Bunka King Hydraulic Bed

Bunka King size wooden Hydraulic Bed

This bed is a luxury and practical addition to any room. It features a beautiful white spiral pattern on the headboard that can be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. The rich solid Acacia wood material completes the look of this beautiful bed, creating a stunning piece of furniture that combines stunning good taste and excellent quality.

Aztec King Non-Storage Bed

Aztec King size wooden Non-Storage Bed

Made from solid acacia wood, the Aztec King Non-Storage bed is a perfect addition to any bedroom space. With its stylish design, this piece will add an air of luxury to your bedroom.

Ipiano Queen Bed

Ipiano Queen size wooden Bed

This elegant bedroom set gives a rustic touch to any home decor. It features a piano pattern on the headboard and a rich brown finish on the wood and a black finish on the iron legs. This bed is made from acacia wood and iron, creating an organic feel for a relaxed look.

Barcelona Queen Bed

Barcelona Queen size wooden Bed

The Barcelona Queen Bed is a unique and sophisticated design that is inspired by the architecture of the city of Barcelona. With an American walnut finish on wood and gold finish on iron legs, this bed has the exact look you desire.

Dado Queen Bed Without Storage

Dado Queen size wooden Bed Without Storage

The Dado Queen Bed Without Storage is handcrafted from Sheesham wood and finished with a beautiful autumn brown. The lines, patterns, and grain pattern of the wood are going to be expressed using the grains of Sheesham wood which will make this piece truly unique.

Kyoto King Bed Without Storage

Kyoto King Bed Without Storage with cane headboard design

Kyoto King Bed Without Storage is a unique and modern addition to your bedroom. Made from solid acacia wood with a natural finish, its headboard is designed with a cane and acacia wood that gives a traditional feel to your bedroom. The bed complements any style of home or hotel environment and provides comfort for both guests and visitors.


The Orange Tree’s beds are the perfect furniture for your bedroom. With its unique design and finishing, it's sure to make a statement in your bedroom. We hope you enjoyed our blog! We've got more beds coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want to see even more unique wooden bed designs, check out Orange Tree Homes' collection.

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