Beds Without Storage

Explore Beds without Storage at Orange Tree

Explore the Beds without storage at Orange Tree. The natural look of our beds without storage holds highlights the beauty of your surroundings. These non-storage beds are lightweight, easy to move around and they give you more room in your bedroom. They are made from high-quality solid wood materials that are durable. You can also change out the headboard on one of our beds with any design from our collection. We have various sizes of beds, including king size and queen size, so you can find one that fits your bedroom and style.

Types of Bed without Storage find in Orange Tree

At Orange Tree, you will get beds without storage in two sizes:

King-size bed without storage

Bring the wooden King-size bed without storage to your home. They come in dimensions of  208 L x 190 W x 95.5 H cm and are perfect for large bedrooms.

Queen-size bed without storage

Queen-size bed without storage bed perfect for small bedroom area and it comes in dimensions of 208 L x 160 W x 95.5 H cm. And it’s made of solid wood like acacia and Sheesham.

Why choose us for buying Beds without Storage 

At Orange Tree, we offer unique solid wood bed designs that are sure to impress any guest or family member who comes over. We have everything from modern and minimalistic to traditional and rustic, but each one is beautiful in its own way.

Our Wooden beds are perfect for people who are looking for luxury lifestyle products made by expert craftspeople working with premium materials like acacia wood, teak and Sheesham wood. They give an open space in their bedrooms so you can enjoy space-saving unique design bedroom furniture without compromising on comfort or style.