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Latest 5 Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

by Orange Tree 09 Aug 2022
Latest 5 Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Selecting a living room sofa set online for your home is a major decision that requires immense insight and precise consideration. This is because the furniture pieces you choose set the tone of your room, which will then influence your interior decoration style. The sofa set needs to complement the rest of the room and provide you with an ultimate seating experience.



here we have the latest 5 modern sofa set designs for your living room in 2024

Latest Emperor Sofa Set Designs for living room

emperor modern sofa design sofa


This luxurious and sophisticated sofa set is a masterpiece designed for your kingdom. With a beautiful Autumn Brown finish on the wood and gold powder coating on the metal, this piece is perfect for your living room and drawing room. One of the most remarkable attributes of our Emperor Sofa Collection is that, unlike many pieces of contemporary furniture, it is built to last.

Dado Sofa Set Design

Dado modern three seater sofa in living room


Crafted with a unique and modern outlook, the Dado collection of four sofas is constructed using Sheesham wood and upholstery The symmetry thus formed is achieved with meticulous precision. The sofa has a curved back rest and is made from premium material that ensures the longevity of this collection. The wooden legs give it a unique look that can be made an integral part of your room.

Metric Sofa Set Design

Metric latest sofa set design in living room

Our Metric Sofa Collection features an Avante-grade design, using geometry to its full potential while being sturdy and strong. The design allows you to create a voguish look in any slice of heaven under the celestial skies while maintaining a strong presence. Made of natural Sheesham wood, with upholstery in black and metal components finished in Black powder coating

Barcelona Sofa Set Design for Living room Decoration

Barcelona sofa set modern design in drawing room


Set your interior design apart with this beautiful Barcelona Sofa Collection. With its richly upholstered seats and gold powder coating on metal legs, these pieces act as a statement in any living room or bedroom space.

Bicasso Sofa Set Collection for Your Living Room

Bicasso sofa set in living room


The Bicasso Sofa Collection is a statement piece that takes up the mind with a reminiscence of the work of Picasso, and it’s also an elegant addition to any space. The frame is constructed from solid Sheesham wood with an American Walnut finish on all sides. Upholstery options include fabric, leather and eco-leather seating surfaces.


The sofa is the most important part of your living room furniture because this is where you relax and read. So, indulge in the epitome of comfort and togetherness with our exceptional sofas. Sofas invite you to connect, unwind and create lasting memories with your loved ones. From heartfelt conversation to captivating movie nights and quiet moments lost in the pages of book, the sofa stands tall as the epitome of comfort and completeness in your living space.

You can also explore our exclusive collection of benches, meticulously crafted to blend functionality and opulence. From elegant design to premium materials, our benches not only complement your existing furniture but also provide an extra seating option.

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