The Top 5 Sofa Side Table Designs To Choose From At Orange Tree Furniture
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The Top 5 Sofa Side Table Designs To Choose From At Orange Tree Furniture

by Orange Tree 15 Jul 2022
The Top 5 Sofa Side Table Designs To Choose From At Orange Tree Furniture - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

Finding the best sofa side table design from Orange Tree for your living room will be easy. There are plenty of choices regarding Side Tables in a wide range of styles, colours and materials. If you are looking for something unique that's going to set your space apart from the rest, then be sure to look over this blog post.

Our side table's unique design is ideal if you have limited space and want to create extra storage in your living room and drawing-room. The shape of the table will fit with the room's decoration, and it can also bring some unique character to your room.

Stunning Marble Side Table Design For Luxury Sofa

The Marble Side Table is perfect for adding a touch of luxury and character to any sofa in the room. Made from metal and finished in brown and gold. It features a two-tier design with a beautiful white marble top and an acacia wood bottom level that provides space for everything from magazines to tea accessories.

Emperor Glass top Small sofa side table

Emperor glass top small sofa side table

This exquisite Emperor side table is a perfect addition to your sofa side. Finished with gold powder coating on the metal frame, it features frames that are joined by hinges, creating a modern and sophisticated appearance while keeping the appearance of simplicity. The glass top is making it easy to place objects on it so you can use this amazing piece as a coffee table, side table, end table, small table or simply as a decorative sofa side piece.

Innovative & Unique Ipiano Side table Design

Ipiano 2 tier marble and wooden Side Table in living room

The Piano Side Table is an elegant addition that can be used to display your small treasures, as well as become a functional side table. This small side table has a look of nature and elegance combined with an iron frame for its structural composition. This round side table features a top shelf in beautiful white marble and an under-shelf in natural acacia wood. The Ipiano Side Table lends a modern touch to any sofa setting and is perfect for the contemporary apartment or home office.

Throne Side Table Set of 2 Marble and Wooden End Tables

Throne Side Table set of 2 design in living room


This Throne Side Table set of 2 is a perfect accent piece for any room. The elegant Sheesham wood top contrasts beautifully with the black powder-coated metal base, while the high-polished marble top adds depth to the design. This modern look can be used anywhere in your home, whether it be in a formal or casual setting.

Toshi Side Table Set of 2

Toshi Side Table Set Of 2 in living room

The Toshi Side Table Set Of 2 will bring a trendy and modern look to any room. This side table features durability that can withstand daily use and is crafted with a hand-finished acacia wood top with cement inlay and gold powder coating on metal legs. With a beautiful white finish on both the acacia wood and metal legs, this set is a great piece of modern furniture. The side table with the Inlaid top design makes it perfect to use as a side table to hold your daily essentials or can be used as a sofa side table for decorative purposes.


We have given you an excellent collection of sofa side tables that are stunning in their design and quality. Our sofa side table collection is the best designer piece and a very elegant stylish set that can be used in any household or office. We hope that you will like our collection.

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