Wood Bed Designs Catalogue
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Wood Bed Designs Catalogue

by Orange Tree 31 Dec 2022
Wood Bed Designs Catalogue - Orange Tree Home Pvt. Ltd.

This Wood bed designs Catalogue is a showcase of our unique design of modern wooden beds. We have taken the time to go through our number of designs and created something unique for you. The Catalogue will help you to choose which wooden bed design is right for your bedroom.

Things to consider before choosing a wood bed from the Catalogue

The most important thing is the wood used for making the bed. You have to select such wood which is resistant to moisture and heat.

There are many types of wood for making beds. Some of them are acacia, Sheesham, mango, and teakwood. Each type of wood has its own characteristics and benefits so that you can choose the best one according to your needs.

You need to buy a wooden bed that can fit into your bedroom easily because it will give an impression of elegance and beauty in your room if it is big enough then it will look like a piece of art rather than just a piece of furniture designed for sleeping purposes only.

Types of Wooden Beds designs in Catalogue

The first type is the wooden hydraulic bed. This type of bed will have a hydraulic pump that will allow you to raise or lower the mattress automatically.

The second type is a wooden bed with storage drawers. This type of bed has a drawer underneath the mattress where you can store your belongings safely and securely.

The third type is a wooden bed without storage space for your belongings. These beds have no drawer or storage space at all so you will need to store your belongings somewhere else on top of it or underneath it if there is room for that.

The fourth type is a bed with a headboard, headboards at Orange Tree are manufactured from different types of wood such as teak, mango, acacia, and Sheesham. These materials can be used for making bed headboards in different styles and shapes depending on your preferences. You can choose from several unique designs such as modern to classic ones depending on your taste.

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